It’s becoming more and more common to take a look at the app store and end up wondering why Sweatcoin is so expensive.
Why is Sweatcoin so expensive?

Once we know how Sweatcoin works, the application that rewards us for going for a walk or a run , it’s time to draw conclusions, and there are not a few users who question why Sweatcoin is so expensive . Obviously, these complaints do not come from the application itself, which is free and only has to connect with Google Fit. The complaints are caused by the premium subscription, which doubles the value of our daily steps, and by the store catalog.

When accessing the possible subscriptions, we see how the monthly premium plan costs 4.99 euros per month . Without it, we can only earn a maximum of 10 sweatcoins per day, a meager reward by checking out the store later. This subscription, comparable to the new monthly price of Amazon Prime , is excessive for many pockets.

The alternative, the annual premium subscription, is currently somewhat lower, but the 24.99 euros (a 58% discount) that it costs right now may also be too much for those who are tight with expenses. To solve this, there is the option of enjoying a free week, a process that we have already explained to you in this article .

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The second problem for users comes when looking at the Sweatcoin marketplace catalog in detail. The most demanded products are precisely those that have the premium label , that is, those that cannot be obtained with a free account, such as a $50 EA card, another $100 Amazon card, etc.

These rewards fly and sell out quickly, but that doesn’t stop them from being expensive compared to other items that can be purchased in the store and are in lower demand. A $100 check to spend on Amazon usually appears to cost 5,000 sweatcoins (and has been seen for even more), which makes it very difficult for non-premium users to access these rewards.


The rest of the articles and products offered in the application market have also been the subject of debate. If you are interested in knowing how to save in the Sweatcoin store , before buying anything you should take a screenshot of the product in question. With tools like Aliseeks you can do a reverse search on AliExpress with the image of said capture and find very similar products for more competitive prices.

We have carried out the test with a mini humidifier that costs 100 sweatcoins in the app store, and when searching by image we have found similar ones for less than five euros. In the case of clothing, you can also follow the same process with the Shein image search engine , which will locate similar garments for us.

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By following these tips you can avoid making small expenses that will prevent you from being able to access more expensive items in the future. In the case of premium checks in services such as Amazon, Spotify, EA, etc., it may be more interesting to do our work as an influencer within the application in order to receive cash rewards through PayPal (or directly into our bank account) . In this way, those rewards can also be redeemed later for that purpose if that is what the user is looking for, although it is also true that Sweatcoin requires many people to access through our affiliate link.

In any case, it is not advisable to lose focus on the main objective of Sweatcoin , which is not to give away four pesetas . On the application website itself, it is specified that the rewards are secondary, small incentives for the main goal: to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and start walking or running steadily over time.

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