Do you want to find out about the best bargains instantly? Discover the best Telegram channels to keep up to date with Amazon Prime Day deals
The best Telegram channels to keep up to date with Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon has just launched its Prime Days, a period of offers between July 12 and 13, 2022 in which its users with a Prime subscription will be able to find a large number of items with surprising discounts. In order not to get lost in the sea of ​​​​bargains, we have the best Telegram channels within reach to keep up to date with Amazon Prime Day offers .

Prime Days are one of the most anticipated moments for technology lovers, since in those 48 hours of frenzy you can find even better deals than those seen on other days marked for mass consumption such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. These are some of the channels to which you have to subscribe on Telegram so that you don’t miss out on any bargain.



This channel is one of the most successful among Amazon users, since it works beyond Prime Days and other dates indicated on the calendar. If you want to find the best discounts on technology products, fashion, home and many other categories, click on the link and search through the best offers that can currently be found on the platform.

The best Telegram channels to keep up to date with Amazon Prime Day 1 deals


Clothes with 31% discount, graphics cards with 28% … The Telegram channel of this Amazon affiliate does not have as many offers as the previous one, but the ones that appear are practically irresistible. Subscribe to find in these two days unexpected bargains that can do you a great favor without having to make large outlays.


Amazon Prime Days for July 12 and 13 monopolize the spotlight on all kinds of Telegram channels , although they are also specialized in tracking offers from other platforms such as AliExpress. If you don’t want to take your eyes off other possible options to buy at competitive prices, we recommend the Discount channel, where you can see the best offers from Amazon at the moment, as well as from AliExpress or Booking, in case what you’re looking for it is more related to your vacation. Killing two birds with one stone never hurts when it comes to deals.


The best offers on Amazon do not have to be limited only to Prime Days 2022. Refurbished products often contain great treasures at incredible prices, and on the Bazar Bargains Amazon Telegram channel you will also be able to find these opportunities to do your purchases in a much smarter way. Take advantage of the Prime Days, but also the undervalued catacombs of the refurbished to improve your home.

The best Telegram channels to keep up to date with Amazon Prime Day 2 deals


Finding an Acer Chromebook 314 at only 169 euros (47% off its original price) is not something you see every day. Visit Amazon ‘s Telegram Bargains channel to find yourself face to face with the best offers in technology… and for the home, since you have the possibility of getting an air fryer with a 23% discount. It is the day to start modernizing not only your office, but also your kitchen, before prices return to their original point and you have to wait until Black Friday in the distant and cold November.

Do you know any other Telegram channel that has escaped us and collects the best Amazon bargains during Amazon Prime Day 2022 ? Share it with us in the comment box so that no reader is left without the best deals.

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