If you want to make your battles more fun, we show you how to play Pokémon Showdown with a friend.

If your friends are as big fans of the game as you are, you’ve probably wondered how to play Pokémon Showdown with a friend .

The first thing you need to do is enter one of the server rooms , which you will find on the start page when you enter the game. And it is also important that your friend is in the same room as you, so that you can locate each other easily.

On the left side, the names of all the users who are in that room will appear, arranged in alphabetical order. We will only need to search that list for the name of our friend. When clicking on the name, a new window will appear, in which we will have to select the Challenge option . In this way we can challenge our friend to participate in a screen against us. If we choose Chat we can first talk to that person to see if he agrees to be part of the game.

In the left part of the game we will find a menu in which we are told if we want to challenge that person. There we will only have to press the Challenge button , and then wait for the other person to accept our challenge. Once you’ve done that, you can start the battle, so playing is much more fun than playing against random people we don’t know.



Another very fun way to take advantage of the game is to do battles in pairs. But for this you must know how to play 2 vs 2 in Pokémon Showdown .

2vs2 is one of the game modes that Pokémon Showdown has . Therefore, when starting a battle you will have to look at the top of the mode to start the battles, where it says Format. The default game format is Random Battle. But if we open the drop-down menu we will find that there are a huge number of different options. One of them is 2vs2 Doubles . By clicking on this mode we can find opponents and companions with whom to play a two-on-two battle. In this way, the game will become more interesting as there will be more different ideas involved in the battle.

You have the possibility to play with your friends or with strangers . But to play with friends, the most recommended thing is that you are directly 4 players. You can also be just two and try to challenge unknown people to play with you, but the reality is that they will most likely not accept it. If you don’t have a team to play with, you always have the option to search for random opponents.



You may want to go a little further and are wondering how to play 4 vs 4 in Pokemon Showdown . But the reality is that this game is designed to be played either individually or in pairs. Therefore, the only way to play 4 vs 4 is to do it in teams, since in principle there is no battle mode that is directly that. Yes, you can play a game with 4 players, but playing two against two. But the game is developing very quickly and it is quite possible that such an option will be added soon.

Of course, even if there are not 8 players at the same time, 8 Pokémon can participate , since you can have many on your team and put them all to fight. As you practice and encourage yourself with this game, you will find different possibilities. Also, as the number of players is very high, you will always find people who are willing to play with you.

Whether you play with your friends or with strangers, you will always find someone who is available to have some battles at any time.

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