Do you have accumulated rewards but do not know how to make transfers in Sweatcoin? Discover the steps to follow to receive your income
How to make transfers in Sweatcoin

Although there are few ways to obtain direct economic benefits through Sweatcoin, the application’s influencer program allows you to get the extra income that many want. If you are interested in knowing how to make transfers in Sweatcoin with the rewards that you already have activated, pay attention to the following steps. 

If our popularity has led several people to download the Sweatcoin application through our affiliate link , we will see how several rewards are activated, appearing in blue. By clicking on it, we can start transferring that money to our PayPal account.

The next step is to click on ‘Accept and continue’ when entering the reward that we want to collect, and when we see the message ‘Exchange successful’, we will have to copy the four-digit number that appears just below. Next, we’ll need to fill out a form, so we’ll need to hit the ‘Copy and go to Typeform’ button. The application will guide us to another page where we will have to answer some questions about our nature as an influencer , so we have to click on ‘Start’ and start answering. The questions revolve around the platform on which we promote the app, the content we have published, etc.

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Once the form is completed, it’s time to find out how to transfer the money from Sweatcoin to my account . We will see a screen in which we will have to rewrite that four-digit code that they gave us at the beginning, and click on ‘OK’.

Now it’s time to clarify on which platform we want to receive the payment . The most common is PayPal, but we can also use Wise if we want the money to go directly to our checking account. Both platforms will have to be linked in order to complete the process.

Once we have completed the request to receive our money, we will receive an email notifying that the money will reach our account within a period of three business days. Keep in mind that the money is transferred in US dollars , so the final amount will depend on the exchange rate with respect to the euro.

It is to be hoped that in the future a transfer can be made with the sweats, the cryptocurrencies that will come into operation as of September 12 in exchange for our sweatcoins. This process of exchanging sweats for other cryptocurrencies or being able to transfer them directly to our bank account has not yet been specified by the application , but it will be implemented in future updates when the time comes.


Many users want to know if it is possible to help a friend who needs a boost of sweatcoins to be able to purchase a product that catches their attention in the store. Can Sweatcoin be transferred to another account? The answer is no. The sweatcoins are non-transferable for each user, and although there are several pages on the Internet that claim that they can transfer more sweatcoins to your balance, do not trust them.

The huge popularity of the app has made Sweatcoin -related scams abound on the internet . Fraudulent use of the application is also punished, and if the technical managers detect any anomaly in your activity within it, it is likely that you will end up being sanctioned and even expelled , losing your accumulated sweatcoins with the effort of your walks.

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