About the Vidaa Smart TV operating system from Hisense

Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with smart technology, and among the numerous devices in a “smart” home, TV is far from the last place. TV models from the Chinese manufacturer Hisense have long established themselves in the international market. As you know, Hysens is the number one brand in its homeland, while also occupying fourth place in the world in the production of television receivers. Televisions from the Middle Kingdom and Russia are in considerable demand. A series of brand devices with 4K specifications are equipped with a Smart TV based on Vidaa U’s own intelligent system, and the set includes a remote control with support for NFC technology and voice control. Today, the original OS integrated into Hisense TVs is version 3.0 and offers users a number of benefits. The priority of the platform is ease of use, ease of management, high loading speed and improved compatibility with other devices.

Features of the Vidaa operating system


What is Vidaa OS

The Vidaa Smart TV operating system is specially designed for the new Hisense TV range. It has become more practical, comfortable, easy to operate and at the same time functional. The control of Vidaa’s built-in intelligent system is implemented taking into account the requirements of Smart TV users, as a result of which all unnecessary elements that complicate the use of the software have been eliminated. The updated interface simplifies navigation through applications on the TV display; the convenient arrangement of elements allows you to quickly navigate to the functions you need and customize the user environment directly from the home page of the screen.

What is Vidaa OS

The platform is based on a Linux-like system, which makes it possible to use Android applications, including Netflix, Pandora and YouTube. An application previously available only for Google TV – the Amazon Prime Video service – is also supported. It is possible to download compatible programs from the standard store, and in addition, the new operating system of Hisense TVs allows you to record content to a connected external storage device or to the cloud.

Continuing the review, we note that the Vidaa Smart TV operating system from Hisense is updated over the air using an Internet connection. The user has the opportunity to manually check and install the software.

Vidaa U 3.0 AI OS has a decent level of security against unwanted and malicious software, and also demonstrates the privileges of using Artificial Intelligence, including compatibility with voice assistants. There is full integration with Amazon Alexa and interaction with Google Home Assistent, so it is possible to control ULED TV using a virtual assistant. Controlling the operating system from your smartphone using the proprietary RemoteNOW app makes it easier to communicate with other smart devices integrated with Alexa.

System Setup

System Setup

The customizable interface of the updated OS has become so friendly that it allows you to configure the necessary settings without unnecessary clicks directly from the Home screen. You can choose apps and arrange them the way you want, ensuring maximum navigation comfort. From the home page you can go to the system settings, edit channels, configure the network connection, sound, image and other available functions, so you can adapt the device to your own needs.

Interaction is carried out via the remote control using the “up”, “down”, “left”, “right” buttons, selection with the “OK” button. Detailed instructions for setting up Hisense TVs are presented in the manual that comes with the device.

As for using the “System” menu, here you can select the optimal image quality, activate the eye protection option, change the PIN code to access certain functions, select the language, location and set the current date and time, as well as set the timer according to your own preferences. In addition, it is possible to configure the control of CEC-compatible devices (HDMI-CEC function) and other settings.

Thus, the home page provides immediate access to available inputs, including connected devices, physical or wireless. And the Media function is a media library with which you can access various content (for example, video, music, photos). With DLNA support, downloading and viewing can be done using a USB device or hard drive, as well as a compatible smartphone, tablet and more.

Installing applications

Among the basic features of the OS there is a standard App Store application store, accessible from the home screen. Through it, the necessary applications optimized for this TV are installed. Typically this is software related to watching videos, listening to music, playing games, as well as social networking applications and other software.

Installing applications

TV Browser is also available; it can also be used to install software. At the same time, do not forget that when downloading software from third-party resources, you should be vigilant and it is better to avoid dubious sources.

Installing applications through unofficial resources is simple:

  • go to Smart TV and open the browser;
  • enter the address (you can use the resource https://hisense.clan.su/ or the page http://hisense.alexxnb.ru/ with a small selection of useful software) and go to the site;
  • select the desired application and install by pressing the appropriate button.

Software installed by the user can also be easily removed. To do this, on the Applications screen, you need to click the “Delete” icon and delete the selected application. Factory-installed programs are not removed.

Best apps

Among the useful software that can be installed:

  1. OTTPlayer. An excellent universal service for Smart TV, which allows you to combine IP-TV in one playlist, as well as set up a list of channels in a certain sequence and receive an electronic program guide/
  2. Gismeteo. A service for Smart TV that offers detailed weather forecasts in Russian cities and other parts of the world.
  3. Yandex. A service that offers information not only about the weather, but also about exchange rates, and also supports news and events.
  4. Rutube. The largest Russian video hosting site where you can watch films, TV series and user videos.
  5. Peers.TV. Application for watching TV online and recording.
  6. Zaycev. FM. Online music radio station.
  7. Dom.ru Movix. An online cinema, characterized by fast content search and viewing comfort, offering more than 200 live channels. The archive of TV shows is stored for up to 7 days.
  8. LG Plus Channels. New online TV from LG and Megogo.
  9. In contact with. Popular social network application.

Although Vidaa OS has a fairly good set of firmware, the pre-installed applications are usually not enough for the user. To solve this problem (equipping the device with new software and personalization), the system’s functionality includes an App Store. Here, among the supported applications, you can find the necessary software in accordance with your preferences, and if it is not available, then use third-party resources.

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