Have you ever wondered how to find clones of Zara at Shein? We present several alternatives to find clothes at a better price
How to find Zara clones at Shein

No matter how much you love fashion, it is always a good idea to take a look at the label so that the price does not go out of your budget. In recent years, moreover, the rise of online clothing sales platforms such as Shein has been gaining ground over more established brands thanks to their competitive prices and quite acceptable quality, so now many of us are looking for how to find Zara clones at Shein to enjoy the clothes we like while saving a few euros in the process.

There are several methods by which we can find garments that are not the same, but similar, from Zara in Shein. The most traditional is to use the application’s image search engine. When you click on the magnifying glass icon next to the search box, an icon of a camera will appear next. We press there again, and we can take a photo at the moment (if we are in the store) or upload a photo, in case we have seen something interesting in the Zara catalog.

How to find Zara clones at Shein 1

Another method that is also widely used by a large number of clients is to look at the specifics of the garment to do an advanced search until they locate a similar garment in the Shein app , but it is a rather cumbersome process.

A large number of Instagram accounts that do this work for us also come to the rescue . If you don’t follow any of them, search the Instagram app for the hashtag #zaravsshein and you’ll find not only profiles that upload these offers (some are already inactive), but also all the recent posts that have been made showing Shein garments that can pass for current models. for sale at Zara.

How to find clones of Zara 2 in Shein

In addition to these avenues, there are also numerous influencers showing how to locate Zara clones on Shein , such as Beatriz Estrada . There are alternatives for all tastes that will allow you to be fashionable while saving some money (in exchange for a slightly lower quality, but still acceptable).


Not everyone exclusively searches for Zara deals, there are also many users who want to dress with other brands and want to know how to search for brand clones on Shein . In this case, there is a very interesting resource at your disposal, although it is not through the application, but with a Google Chrome browser extension for PC.

When entering the Chrome Web Store of Google Chrome, we will have to search for the ‘Shein Image & ID Searcher’ extension and click on ‘Add to Chrome’. From here, when entering the website of any clothing store, we will only have to right click on the photograph of the garment that interests us and choose ‘Search on Shein’ .

How to find clones of Zara 3 in Shein

It is effective? Actually, it is an image search engine for the web, so it offers quite approximate results , which can come in handy if we are not looking for that exact model. Another alternative is to use the image search engine of the Shein application, whose operation is similar to that of this extension, to find similar garments from any brand on the market.

How to find clones of Zara 4 in Shein


In short, there is no longer an excuse for not going to the last to know and how to find new Zara in Shein . Whether it’s through an image search engine, the Chrome extension ‘Shein Image & ID searcher’ or the information shared by our top influencers , it’s very difficult for us to miss the latest news from the Zara catalog, whatever the season. be.

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