You can be an influencer and promote the app, you can resell the items in your store… Discover all the ways to get money in Sweatcoin this 2022
All the ways to get money in Sweatcoin this 2022

Getting extra income thanks to the use we make of our applications is always interesting, that’s why there is no shortage of those who want to know all the ways to get money in Sweatcoin this 2022 . In past articles we have already explained in depth how this application works, which rewards us for the steps we take. Sweatcoins allow us to buy items in the app’s own store, but what if we want to earn cash directly?

The fastest way to earn cash with Sweatcoin is through their influencer program. If you register on their website and start promoting the use of the app with your affiliate link, you will be able to fulfill the goals that the application establishes and obtain some extra income without having to spend it in the store. The direct financial rewards you can get by sharing your Sweatcoin link can be $40, $100, $200, and $1,000 .

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Remember that Sweatcoin does not pay directly for walking , so if the application detects that you are using this type of messages to promote your affiliate link, it is likely that you will receive a sanction or be expelled and you will not be able to continue earning sweatcoins

Another way, much more convoluted, is to acquire items from the store and then put them up for sale on platforms such as Wallapop or Vinted . It is not a guarantee of success, but you can make money with this practice with a little patience and perseverance.

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Those who have become influencers on the app and have already started receiving the rewards are surely wondering how to withdraw money from Sweatcoin. There are two associated platforms with which you can receive the rewards: PayPal and Wise (in case you want to receive them by bank transfers).

If you are using PayPal, you will need to confirm your email address with PayPal and also add the US dollar as the currency in your account. This currency is the official currency that Sweatcoin uses to make payments, so you will have to modify the settings of your personal PayPal account in this regard.

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There are also users who pass from the world of influencers and sharing links, and want to find out how to convert sweatcoins into money. This option is not yet operational, but as of September 12, you will be able to automatically convert all the sweatcoins that you have accumulated with your rides and races into sweats.

Sweat is the name of the official cryptocurrency that Sweatcoin will launch in September. Users who activate the app’s wallet before its launch will be able to exchange each sweatcoin for one sweat. Possibly the conversion rate will be lower in the future, so if you are interested in converting sweats into cryptocurrencies (which you can then exchange for real money or other cryptocurrencies), it is best to activate the wallet now, a free requirement. The actual value of the sweats will be established after it has been released based on user demand.

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The mass of users looking for how to earn money on Sweatcoin is increasing . The previous ways are the ones that will allow us to obtain extra income that makes our work compatible (it is unthinkable that someone could dedicate himself only to having Sweatcoin as his only income). In any case, as they point out on the application’s website, the main objective of Sweatcoin is not to get rich or earn more money, but rather to acquire healthy lifestyle habits.

Getting to walk approximately 10,000 steps every day is reward enough, although with this application we can also maintain the moti

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