Assessing whether to activate the wallet in Sweatcoin or not? Check what is the price of Sweatcoin in 2022 before making the decision
What is the price of Sweatcoin in 2022

The number of users interested in downloading the only application on the market that rewards you for walking or running continues to grow, and many are wondering what the price of Sweatcoin will be in 2022 . The announcement of the launch of the sweat cryptocurrency in the summer of 2022, specifically in July, within the Sweatcoin app has triggered interest in knowing the value of this token and also if the application itself has a catch and costs money. To this last question, for the moment, it can be answered that the application is totally free, as well as its registration process.

However, pending the exchange of accumulated sweatcoins for sweats in July , it is not possible to know exactly what the value of these tokens is, unless an estimate is made through the products that are they can redeem at your store. Users who have activated their wallet within the app will get one sweat per sweatcoin when the expected token generation occurs .

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In previous articles about Sweatcoin we have detailed that, at the moment, the current conversion rate in the application is one sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps that the user takes . Taking this conversion as good (controversies about the effective count of the same aside), we can look at your store what products and services to buy and their value in sweatcoins to get an idea of ​​the conversion that will occur.


The only way to know the price of Sweatcoin in euros today is by taking a look at its store, since the websites that show the indices of each cryptocurrency do not yet include sweats as they have not yet been released on the market. On the Nomics cryptocurrency indices website, there is a conversion rate with sweats that place this cryptocurrency at two cents (or two cents of a euro), but it is not yet reliable. However, a graph is detected that shows that interest is beginning to awaken among the users of the app .

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In the Sweatcoin store we can find a set of bamboo cutlery from The Green Company in exchange for 60 sweatcoins . If we go to the website of that same company, we can find the same set for sale for 17.85 euros, this would imply that the price of Sweatcoin in euros would be 0.2975 euros at the moment .

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Another item currently on sale in the Sweatcoin store is a Revolution brand muscle stimulator, available for 125 sweatcoins . In this case, if we go to the Revolution website, we see that the same product is on sale for 57.01 euros (shipping costs apart), so, doing the calculation, we see that the conversion rate is in this case of 0.4560 euros per sweatcoin .

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As we can see, at the moment there is no fixed exchange rate, so to know the value of a future sweat we will have to guide ourselves by that oscillation between 30 and 46 euro cents of the two products analyzed. The offers vary depending on whether a user is premium or participates in an auction, so for this article we have taken into account two items that could be paid directly with sweatcoins to make the estimate.


Following these examples, to convert the price of sweatcoin to dollars we would have to use the current conversion rate with the euro, so it would be in a range between 31 and 48 cents per sweatcoin .


On the other hand, if we want to take into account the price of Sweatcoin today based on the Nomics estimate, the value if it were launched today would be two euro cents per sweat , although this reference is not really valid. The cryptocurrency has not yet been officially launched on the market and it is likely that in the first days its volatility will be very high, both for better and for worse, so the value that can be reflected today is nothing more than a castle in the air .

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