18 tricks to buy cheaper on Amazon

18 tricks to buy cheaper on Amazon

Optimizing our online purchases is a goal that we all have when we access this type of platform. In order to get the most out of Amazon, you have to delve into its depths to discover all the advantages that we can obtain in the form of offers, discounts and all kinds of promotions that are active. With these 18 tricks to buy cheaper on Amazon you will be able to get the most out of the application.



The most common step that the vast majority of Amazon users take to save is to activate the Amazon Prime subscription . It is true that the price of this premium service has increased to 50 euros per year, but with it users can save shipping costs on a large number of products. If the volume of orders that we want to make over a year is considerable, we should activate this service. Amazon Prime has a free trial period, so we can also concentrate all orders in that period of time and later cancel it to avoid having to pay shipping costs.

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Price filter

This tool is quite obvious and easy to use, but not everyone uses it and they miss out on saving a few euros on each order. When looking for an item, if we click on ‘Filters’ we can scroll down until we find the possibility of filtering by prices on Amazon and that the cheapest products are shown to us. In addition, just below we will find the possibility of being able to use an offer filter for that search, so the bargain can be even greater .

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Wish list

One of the most traditional methods used to save on Amazon is your wish list . If we don’t want to buy right away, we can save an item on that list and check over time if the price has dropped. This tool comes in handy for technological products, which tend to drop in price over time, so if you’re looking for a mobile phone and you don’t have too much urgency, it’s a good idea to leave it parked on your wish list and check from time to time. if it is cheaper or is there any offer.

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In the Amazon Fresh section we can receive orders on the same day that we make them, and it is mainly focused on supermarket products (although there are many more). By accessing this section we can find several offers directly. At the time of writing this article, a code was in force that gave 30 euros discount on the first three purchases of Fresh items and another button that showed other offers .

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Amazon Basics

The products that Amazon sells under the Amazon Basics label are everyday goods of everything from computer accessories to home sports equipment. All these items usually have a more accessible price than the most recognized brands and their quality is more than acceptable, so if you find any Amazon Basics product in your searches, don’t hesitate to take a look, because your card can benefit .

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refurbished products

Sometimes Amazon has products in its warehouses that have suffered some minor damage or have an aesthetic defect, without compromising their normal operation. Refurbished products can be found in the Amazon app by searching for Amazon Renewed. Under that label you can find all kinds of products (especially electronic) that have very interesting discounts.

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Discounted returned products

A similar service to Amazon’s Refurbished Products is Amazon Warehouse, which includes products returned by users . The number of items that are returned immediately for being a gift that was not liked or simply because they were not really needed is enormous, so take a look before making a large purchase, because the laptop you need may be much more discounted in this section of the application , which you can find by searching for ‘Warehouse’ in the text box.

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My Amazon Promotions

Amazon always has a series of offers and promotions available to its users that often escape due to sheer ignorance. Amazon promotions for you are not visible directly in the application, but through your mobile browser you can access the website amazon.es/my-promotions and see what you can activate in your account to get the most out of the deep platform catalog.

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Deals of the day and flash deals

These two sections are quite common on Amazon and receive many visits every day. In the offers of the day you will find the products that can be obtained at a discount compared to their usual price. With Amazon’s flash offers you will also have very attractive offers, but they have a very limited validity period, so you should be very careful so that the time doesn’t catch you and you run out of the bargain of the year.

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amazon outlet

Clothes and other types of items whose season is already behind them need to be sold as soon as possible. By searching for ‘amazon outlet’ in Google Chrome (it is not available directly in the app) you will be able to access an extensive list of items under this tag in the Amazon app. Renew your wardrobe by taking a look at this section and finding clothes from the most important brands with tremendous discounts.

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Take advantage of Amazon Prime Day

Every July Amazon organizes its Prime Day (it is actually more than one day), in which it offers its users a much larger number of offers than usual. The discounts are notable and the scope of these bargains, which this year were held on July 12 and 13, was practically complete within the application. In addition to the Prime Days , Amazon also jumps on the bandwagon of other big days to make purchases, such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

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amazon coupons

To find the Amazon coupons that guarantee very interesting discounts on its entire catalog, you have to be willing to scroll , a lot of scrolling . After a long time scrolling down and diving into the depth of the app, we will find the coupon section. By clicking on ‘See more coupons’ you will see the entire list, and using the ‘Filter’ tool you will be able to filter to find what you need. Some coupons are exclusively for use by Amazon Prime members, but are generally open to all users with just one account.

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Amazon Business

Amazon seeks to adapt to all types of users, and to attract those who have small or medium businesses, the Amazon Business service is available . With Business, not only will it be easier to manage orders for a company by several different people, but there are also discounts for orders with two or more units. This service is completely free, so it is worth activating it if you are self-employed or have a small shop or business.

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Prime Student

We recently talked about Prime Student, the improved version of Amazon Prime for students . In addition to having a trial period longer than the traditional Amazon Prime (three months instead of just one), it also includes a large number of offers and discounts on all kinds of products. Of course, to be a Prime Student user you have to provide the email address of the university on duty and show the year of graduation, a filter with which Amazon wants to prevent anyone interested in cheating the system.  

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Telegram groups with Amazon offers

Outside of the Amazon application we can also find several ways to save money with our orders and find very cheap items. In Telegram you can find several groups with offers and bargains without the need for Prime Days or any other event marked on the calendar. The number of users who track offers and discounts and share them with others that you can find on Telegram is surprisingly high.

Keepa Price Comparison

The Keepa price comparison tool is one of the most used tools by the most veteran users of Amazon. With Keepa you can check how the price of a specific item has changed over time , so you can see when is the best time to buy it and get the maximum possible discount. Keepa is available as an app on Google Play and the App Store, so it’s worth installing if you don’t want to use their website. CamelCamelCamel is another alternative, but this comparator is only available in its web version.

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Compare between versions of Amazon

Another rather hidden feature that not many users take advantage of is the ability to compare prices between versions of Amazon . When entering the application, click on the icon with three horizontal stripes that you find in the lower menu bar and scroll to the bottom. There, in the ‘Settings’ section, click on ‘Language and country’ and you can change the version of Amazon you are using by pressing ‘Country/region’ and ‘Done’. The Mexican and American versions of Amazon are also in Spanish , although if the languages ​​do not limit you, you can also enter their German, Emirati or Brazilian versions, among many other countries.

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Days with offers from other platforms or establishments

Although it is not reflected in an ‘official’ way, it is a fact that Amazon adapts to the promotional periods of other online commerce platforms or appliance and electronics stores. If you see that in some there are offers such as days without VAT or discounts to make going back to school smoother, go to the Amazon app because you will surely also find a useful promotion for your interests.

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