How to know which Amazon products are original


On Amazon, we can often find products with a very attractive quality-price ratio. And this can lead us to think that they are fakes. And then we will wonder how to know which Amazon products are genuine .

The first thing to keep in mind is that Amazon has an anti-counterfeiting policy that requires all sellers to only sell original products . In principle, this could give us a guarantee that we are not going to find anything that is false. But their system is not perfect and there is a chance that some product will be missed and we will find a counterfeit.

One way to avoid falling into fakes is to look at who is the seller of the product that interests us.

If the product is sold by Amazon itself , we can be calm, since the company’s own policy will prevent them from trying to give us a pig in a poke. In the event that it is a product from another seller, we recommend that you look for some information about that seller, and also that you look at the comments of other buyers, who usually warn when it is a fake.

Seller accounts that were created less than three or four days ago, don’t have customer reviews, or do n’t have a lot of information are the most likely to offer us fakes.


How to spot fake products on Amazon

Although as we have said it is not usual to find fake products on Amazon, there are some details that we must take into account to avoid it. The first thing we must do is avoid miracle offers . If you find something that normally costs 100 euros for 10, it is most likely that it is not the original product and that they are trying to sneak a fake in its place.

We also recommend that you take a good look at the product photos. Although fakes are sometimes photoshopped , sometimes it’s just by looking closely at the image that we can figure out what’s fake.

The opinions of other clients can be a double-edged sword. In principle they are a good help to detect counterfeits. But we can also find opinions paid by the seller to make the product seem true. Normally, if we find a large number of positive opinions about a product in a very short period of time, we should be suspicious.

And of course, take a good look at the product when you get home . In case you see that it is not the original, do not hesitate to request a refund and leave a record on Amazon.


How to find imitations on Amazon

Given the anti-counterfeit policy that the online store has, if you are wondering how to look for imitations on Amazon , the reality is that you have it complicated. You will not find any section in the online store where they notify you directly that what they are selling are imitations. Therefore, you will have to spend more time digging through their catalog if you want to find an imitation product.

One way to find imitations can be to search directly for the brand you are interested in . There you may find a model at a reduced price that is a fake.

You can also search for the brand you are interested in and then add the word “replica” . In this way you may find some imitation of the product in which you are interested. And many times those replicas are official and allowed by the main seller, so you can find it on Amazon more easily than a pirated imitation.

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