Who can watch TikTok Now videos


TikTok Now is the new TikTok app that aims to follow in the footsteps of BeReal. These are videos in which you can double record both what your front camera marks and what is behind your rear camera. But of course, showing where you are at that moment can have certain risks. And for this reason, many users are concerned about who can see TikTok Now videos and thus know where they are.

By default, TikTok Now is set so that your videos are only seen by your friends . That is, only the people you follow and who follow you will have access to them.

But if you want you can modify that configuration so that all the people who are in your area can see the videos you publish . In this way, people with whom you have no relationship will be able to see what you upload, simply if the app detects that you are in the same area.

The idea is that you can choose the type of experience you want to have with this application. From a more private way of communicating with your friends to one of showing yourself to the public .


How to stop someone from seeing my TikTok Now videos

If you’re worried about someone you don’t want accessing your content, you may be wondering how to stop someone from seeing my TikTok Now videos .

But as in all applications, you can block the user you want. To do this you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile of the user you want to block
  2. Click on the icon with three points that you will find in the upper right
  3. Press Block and follow the steps indicated by the application

People you’ve blocked won’t be able to watch your videos or interact with you through direct messages, comments, follows, and likes.

In the event that you regret it, you can always unblock the user by repeating the previous steps, but in this case choosing the Unblock option .

How to manage TikTok Now privacy

If you want to go from having your profile seen by everyone to only your friends or vice versa, you’ll need to know how to manage TikTok Now’s privacy . To do this, you will simply have to go to the publication screen. You will see that two options appear in it: Friends can see or Everyone. You will only have to choose the one that suits what you need or what you feel like at that moment.

Given that it is a bit delicate that everyone can know where you are at a specific time, the configuration that we will find by default will be that only the friends we have on the social network can see our videos . In this way we can avoid problems with strangers.

But if you prefer that anyone who is in your area at the time can enjoy your content, you can change that setting whenever you want .


If I block someone on TikTok can they see my TikTok Now videos?

Although it has a separate application, at heart TikTok Now is still a function of TikTok. Therefore, when asked if I block someone on TikTok can they see my TikTok Now videos, the answer is no. The profile that you will have for both applications will be the same, so you will not have problems finding the contacts that you had blocked in one tool in the other.

In fact, you can even access your friends’ TikTok Now videos from the TikTok app, as these are two fully connected tools .

Therefore, if you know how to manage the privacy of your TikTok account, you will have no problem meeting unwanted people when using TikTok Now.

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