Where and how to download the official OnlyFans 3 app
OnlyFans has become one of the most used video platforms in recent years. Find out where and how to download the official OnlyFans app
Where and how to download the official OnlyFans app

Even though it is one of the most popular content platforms in the world, OnlyFans is not easily accessible as an app. Many users seek to find out where and how to download the official OnlyFans application , since the only thing you can get in the official Google Play store is OFTV, a limited version that only shows creators who do not upload erotic content.

In order to have the OnlyFans application on our mobile we will have to use an APK, an installation package with the application data. There are quite a few repositories on the Internet such as Uptodown, APKPure or APK Mirror, and in the case of OnlyFans we can find its APK in APKPure .


If you are interested in knowing how to get OnlyFans APK free to download on Android , you will only have to follow these steps. Open your browser and access the APKPure website , the repository where we have found the OnlyFans APK. We click on the search bar and write the term ‘OnlyFans’ to see the different options we have, selecting the first result, which has more than 200,000 downloads. Next, we click on the ‘Download APK’ button, select the folder in which we want to install it and when we see the warning message indicating that the file may be harmful, click on ‘Download anyway’.

Where and how to download the official OnlyFans app 1

These steps are simply to download the OnlyFans APK , but to install the application on our mobile we will have to use an APK installer . These installers are available on Google Play, and you can choose from several options. Uptodown’s installer usually gives good results, but any of the first options present in the Google store will work.

Where and how to download the official OnlyFans 2 app

If the process of installing an APK seems too cumbersome or doesn’t give you enough confidence, you can always access OnlyFans through your Chrome browser (or the one you use regularly). The web version of OnlyFans works without any type of censorship, so you only have to enter your username and password to enjoy all the content that the platform offers.


iOS device users also have a hard time accessing all the content on OnlyFans. If you’re wondering how to download OnlyFans on iPhone , you should know that, just like on Google Play, only the limited version is available, OFTV, in which you can only see content that isn’t cataloged as erotic. Even if you find applications in the App Store that pretend to be the uncensored version of OnlyFans, it is not recommended to download them, since you may be the victim of a scam.

Where and how to download the official OnlyFans 3 app

A negative aspect of iPhones is that it is much more difficult to publish APKs for this operating system, which greatly limits the freedom of users when using application repositories. How can we see OnlyFans on iPhone then? The most convenient in these cases is to access the platform through its web version. Open your iPhone browser, access the onlyfans.com website and you will be able to access the platform with your username and password without any problem.

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