Once we know what the official sweatcoin to euro conversion is, can you make money with this app? Here we explain it to you
Sweatcoin to euro, can you earn money with this app?

Sweatcoin has become the most successful pedometer on the market thanks to its rewards, but many users want to know what is the conversion of sweatcoin to euro, can you earn money with this app? The conversion to euros can only be made by reference to the items available in the application store.

In previous articles we have made the conversion with the original price of the products in the catalog and their value in sweatcoins to get an idea of ​​the current conversion from sweatcoins to euros . The values ​​vary from one article to another, but the general conclusion is that the sweatcoin oscillates between 30 and 50 euro cents at the moment.

Sweatcoin to euro, can you earn money with this app? two

This current price may vary significantly when the app’s official cryptocurrency, sweat, is released . Next September 12 is the date on which the token generation will take place , converting each sweatcoin that we have in the account into a sweat, a conversion rate that will increase over time, so it is advisable to take advantage of it in his early days. At the moment the cryptocurrency starts to work, it will be possible to know if its value is really between 30 and 50 cents or not, and users will be able to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or for cash.


More and more people are interested in knowing how to get euros in Sweatcoin . At this time the application does not allow us to exchange our sweatcoins for cash, so our walks will not have a direct economic benefit. All users will be able to exchange sweatcoins for the products available in the application store, at least until the launch of the sweat cryptocurrency is made official and it can be converted into euros.

Sweatcoin to euro, can you earn money with this app? two

The fastest way to cash right now is to become a Sweatcoin influencer . Through its website you can request to be a spokesperson for the application, and by sharing your referral link you will be able to accumulate economic prizes as other users download the app thanks to it. The rewards can go up to 1,000 euros, so if you have a very loyal fan base, you can try this method to earn some good euros with Sweatcoin.


Those who are not influencers of the app will surely wonder why I can’t earn euros on Sweatcoin . The main objective of the application is not so much the promise of an economic benefit as the adoption of healthy habits in our day-to-day lives, which is why they do not offer money directly to the user, but instead offer them offers of products that are usually related to well-being and personal care.

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However, this scenario can change completely on September 12, the launch date of the sweat cryptocurrency . At that time, all users will be able to exchange their accumulated sweatcoins for sweat and start using this cryptocurrency as if they were bitcoins or ethereum. Establishing its real value when you start to take your first steps will determine if users will use it to earn euros directly or if they will choose to continue using it to redeem products from the store.

It is expected that the higher the price, the greater the interest of users in using the sweats to speculate and get the most out of it. That explains the number of tricks people use to increase their sweatcoins before September, even though many of them don’t even work or risk getting the user banned from Sweatcoin for cheating.

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