Looking for a laugh or inspiration for your profile? Check out the best Tinder bios you can find on Reddit.
The best Tinder bios you can find on Reddit

There is no doubt that one of the differentiating factors of Tinder and any other dating social network is in the biographies. Users do not miss the most original, and there is a great competition between the best Tinder bios that you can find on Reddit to see which is the most shocking, strange or repulsive of all. In this article we have compiled some of them, some great and that you can adapt for your own description on Tinder, and others that will make you laugh or blush as soon as you read them.


Not everything you see on the net is material that you can do without, sometimes we can find good Tinder biographies taken from Reddit , like the following:

Introvert who loves to go out . Although it may seem otherwise, not everyone on Tinder wants a party animal who doesn’t come by. Recognizing a certain introversion at the same time as the desire to socialize can add points.

The best Tinder bios you can find on Reddit 1

I always see the glass as half full . In a world full of difficulties, surrounding yourself with people with positive spirits is usually quite attractive in itself. If your match on Tinder is one of those who tries to see the bright side of things, it is well worth a conversation.

I am a great cook, a master of microwave s. A touch of humor with a small scent of charm is hidden in this bio. Although the vast majority of your matches want to show themselves as authentic masters of the kitchen, the great reality is that they handle microwave programs well. A plus in honesty that always likes.

I will find room for a date, although my enemies persecute me . Making yourself look like a modern-day Indiana Jones who is being chased by evil beings can be a great conversation starter. This icebreaker gets a thumbs up.

Whoever ‘likes’ first pays for the wine on the first date . If you are looking to meet someone, there is no better hook than betting something minimum that can lead to an interesting meeting. It’s also true that whoever writes that bio is more likely to give more likes than he gets, but it’s all about testing (and having fun).


With most of the descriptions there is no middle ground, either they are too deep and conceptual or they are jokers. Among the latter are always pearls in the form of funny bios for Tinder found on Reddit, such as these examples:

My last relationship lasted 35 minutes and it was with a bag of Doritos . You’re on Tinder, it ‘s hard to get matches , but such a lethal honesty attack can even backfire. Yes, it is funny.

The best Tinder bios you can find on Reddit 2

I’m a shit magnet with the worst of luck . Pray that your potential matches will give you the little Tinder heart before reading your bio, because after reading them they will try to avoid being part of your disastrous adventures.

I just got the title of ex-wife/ex-husband/ex-boyfriend. It’s no secret that a large percentage of new users on Tinder are people getting out of a relationship and trying their luck . The best thing in these cases is to wear it with a sense of humor as if they were military stripes.

Take me to a rodeo and I’ll show you a real cowboy . It is clear that there are many users from the US on Reddit. In Spain it will surely be somewhat more difficult to take someone to a rodeo, but the metaphor is successful. If you manage to adapt it to a popular event in Spain without losing its spark, you have our blessing.

I’ll take you to Starbucks to remember your name . What better way to recognize first that you are a disaster recognizing names. This bio can indicate that you have many matches, which can be a double-edged sword, but it can also be a hook to get a date and share coffee. It depends on you and your mood.

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