Do you think you would be a better coach than all your friends or teammates? Find out how to create a private league in Champions Fantasy and show it off.
How to create a private league in Champions Fantasy

Once a team has been created, the main interest for many virtual managers is to figure out how to create a private league in Champions Fantasy . The secret of these virtual competitions is not based so much on showing our skills as coaches, but on competing with friends or co-workers. Whether you want to show that a potential Mourinho runs through your veins or win a round against your office mates at the bar, these are the steps to follow.

The first thing you have to do to create a private league in Champions Fantasy is to access the application that UEFA has launched to unify all its games. When entering UEFA Games, you must access Football Fantasy , either through a button that leads directly from the main menu or by displaying the side that appears on the left.

When you are on the page where your team appears , you will find a lower menu bar with different sections. Click on ‘Leagues’ (located at the bottom right) and on the next screen you can choose between joining an existing private league or creating one on your own to be the administrator . In this case, choose ‘Create League’ and choose an original name for it before clicking the blue ‘Create League’ button again.

How to create a private league in Champions 1 Fantasy


The private league is already created, but now the next step remains: how to play with friends in Fantasy Football . In order for other users to be able to sign up for your league, you will need to notify them, as it is not possible to search for it by name. For this reason, the application allows you to share a code or send a link so that only those people with whom you have shared them join directly to the private league.

Every private Champions Fantasy league has a unique alphanumeric code that identifies it within the UEFA gaming ecosystem. Since they are quite complex to memorize first, the interface itself offers us a button to the right of the code in question that allows us to copy it and paste it wherever we want to share it: WhatsApp groups , tweets on Twitter, private messages on Instagram, etc. .

How to create a private league in Champions 2 Fantasy

The second option we have is to generate a link to send it to our friends and acquaintances . This option is more comfortable if the league is focused on being disputed by a group of people known to each other, while with ‘copy and paste’ it is easier to be able to share it massively among the followers of a social network. To do this, you just have to click on ‘Share league’ and choose the way you want to send the link to the rest of the players.


Many football fans wonder how many private Champions Fantasy leagues can be created . UEFA has not set a maximum limit, which allows players to create as many private leagues as they want, an ideal solution for those who want to have a competition with their lifelong friends and another at work without mixing them.

As these managers create their teams and access the link or use the code that was generated when creating the Champions Fantasy private league , they will appear in it. The ideal is that all Fantasy players have their team ready for the start of the first day , but as long as they have the code they can access it even with the competition underway (yes, they will have a disadvantage in terms of points for not having started to compete in due course).

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