If you don’t know how to start a conversation on Tinder, we bring you 10 games and questions for your Tinder profile with which to break the ice after a match.

Matching on Tinder isn’t the hardest thing, but starting the conversation without boring the other person . That is why we bring you 10 games and questions for your Tinder profile with which to break the ice after a match . This way you won’t go blank when you connect with another user, and, above all, you’ll be able to get to know him better while you have fun with these games and questions.

We will divide the 10 games and questions for your Tinder profile with which to break the ice after a match in two categories: games and questions. There are several ways to start them, either by writing in our profile description that we will open a conversation with them or raising them later in the chat. Through the games we can save our match from boredom, while with the questions we will have a laugh while we will get to know the other person better.



When we refer to games for your Tinder profile, we are not referring to mini-games, but to challenges or dilemmas. The key is to pose difficult or exciting challenges, so we show you 5 games for your Tinder profile . Games are fun and save us from boredom, so if you save your match from boredom, they will take a good impression of you and want to keep in touch.

  • Fact or Fiction : In this game you have to narrate a story that can be fact or fiction. The entertaining thing is to tell a shocking story so that the other person wonders if it is true or not.
  • Would You Rather: Would You Rather is a game where you have to choose between two options. Whether they are two good or bad options, they must be balanced so that the choice is difficult.
  • Which is a lie : This game resembles Fact or Fiction. You must say 3 statements, and have your match decide which one is false. For example: A) I have 8 cats, B) I have never drunk alcohol or C) My godfather is Matías Prats.
  • Riddles with emojis : To get the most out of the chat we can use emojis. Playing guess a movie or discovering a phrase encrypted in emojis are just two ways to use them, but the options are endless.
  • The first time : As its name says, it is about explaining our first times. We will consider what our first pet was or the first time we did something important for us.



Continuing with the 10 games and questions for your Tinder profile with which to break the ice after a match, we suggest 5 fun questions for your Tinder profile . Through these you can get to know your interlocutor better, since he will not only answer your question, but also indirectly detail what he thinks about you or how he behaves as a couple. You can always use his answers to move the conversation forward and raise other dilemmas or discuss what interests him most based on his answers.

  • If you were me for a day, what would you do? : Once your match knows your life minimally, you can ask him what he would do if he were you for a day. This way you will discover what image he has of you and what he thinks you can offer him .
  • What challenge do you need to do before you die? : If you both want to complete a risky challenge, such as skydiving, but you don’t dare alone, a good way to continue talking is to complete it together
  • What is your favorite meme? : Memes are one of the most important elements of the Internet. We all have a favorite meme that defines our sense of humor, so to know what a person’s sense of humor is, knowing their favorite meme is always a good option. Few things bring two people together more than laughing together.
  • Would you kill another person to save the life of someone you love? : This is a risky question just for the fact that you are asking another person if she would be capable of killing. However, he says a lot about her and her sacrifice.
  • A year in prison or live your whole life with an ex? : How a person talks about their ex goes into much detail about how they behave in a relationship. Of course, it is not the best question to ask as the first one and perhaps your match does not want to remember his ex.

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