One of the keys to being successful and adding ‘matches’ is knowing how to fill out the profile well. Get inspired by the best descriptions to surprise with your Tinder bio.
The best descriptions to surprise with your Tinder bio

The main objective in dating applications is based on knowing how to choose the profile photos well, but that does not mean neglecting the rest of the sections. Having fresh ideas and knowing how to capture them in the profile has led many users to stand out for how they describe themselves, and this article compiles some of the best descriptions to surprise with your Tinder bio . Try your luck with a striking message, you never know what could be the trigger that will trigger the match that will change your life.



Laziness can make a user not want to pay attention and fill out her profile like someone who fills out a bureaucratic form, forced and unwilling. However, there are some descriptions for women on Tinder that are worth highlighting. A sense of humor and originality are never too much, and serve to show that one is much more than her profile photos. Here are some ideas, although it is not advisable to just trace them, but take them as a base and give them a spin adjusting them to the personality of each one .

  • I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m just looking to make bad decisions.
  • I’m looking for someone to play Twister with, because playing alone hasn’t been as much fun as it seemed
  • I’ve been told I have a pretty face, I hope that’s all it takes to find someone around here.
  • I am sensitive, stubborn and always right. I like to choose the movies, and if you don’t let me I’ll call the police
  • I am a goddess and I like to drink, what else can I add
  • I am looking for an accomplice for my crimes. You must be ready to eat pizza and drink wine at 2:00 on a Tuesday morning.
  • Coffee doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I directly need a spanking.
  • I am looking for a man who can match my insatiable appetite. No, not that kind of appetite…
The best descriptions to surprise with your Tinder bio 1


There are also many funny Tinder descriptions that you can try posting on your profile. At a given moment they can serve to break the ice and, again, it is advisable not to copy and paste it without more, but to add something of your own harvest.

  • I may not be the guy you’re looking for, but my dog ​​thinks I’m nice.
  • I’m not here to find my soulmate, I’m here to find my next mistake.
  • My hobbies are walking on the beach, getting wet in the rain and watching particularly bad reality shows on TV.
  • Netflix is ​​my religion and I am very devoted.
  • I’m looking for someone who can appreciate my big, appetizing… ehh… I didn’t say anything.
  • I’m not looking for anything serious, just to get over my ex.
  • I’m not here for the sex, but I’m not against it either.
  • I’m a girl looking for her prince… Or at least a decent guy who doesn’t play games with me and calls when he says he’s going to call.


Men also have to work hard to post a decent bio that grabs attention. Not everyone is a great surfer with a labrador to walk on the beach every month of the year, so take note of these descriptions for men on Tinder and remember that you have to be yourself – with some elegance, yes – when it comes to to talk

  • “I’m so glad I liked it” (Your future self)
  • I’m not good with bios , yes with cooking.
  • I’m just a man in front of a woman asking her if she’s going to eat the rest of the pizza.
  • Married, with two children, looking for a parallel adventure. It’s a joke. Single, Pokémon Go level 40 , looking for someone to take to family events so they don’t think I’m hopeless.
  • 73% gentleman, 27% scoundrel
  • I am not interested in any headline that describes me. you put it on me
  • The fittest bachelor on the app .
  • Professional singer under the shower. Looking for a duet.
The best descriptions to surprise with your Tinder 2 bio


It’s not the ideal solution, but if inspiration definitely isn’t your thing, you can always turn to some description generator for Tinder . Of course, you will have to know English , since the most elaborate tools are in that language and no interesting version has been developed in Spanish (if you know one, leave it in the comments).

The fastest website to generate a Tinder bio without breaking the bank is Perchance, a platform that creates random text generators . In this link you can see an idea launched at random. If you’re not convinced, all you have to do is click on the ‘Get a different one’ button to receive another suggestion. “Where I am?” It was the one that popped up for us at one point when testing it, and to be honest, it’s a great description to put in your Tinder bio .

Second alternative to generate your Tinder bio , Masterpiece Generator . In this link you can receive a bio , but you will have to enter some data first. Depending on the type of profile you want, whether you are a man or a woman, and a few more adjectives, you will receive a phrase that can be adapted to you. The form is long and the description will be too, but there you can find that spark of inspiration that you lacked to write it yourself.

The best descriptions to surprise with your Tinder 3 bio


One of the keys to deciding what to put in your Tinder bio is based on originality. It is important to browse and see the profiles to see what patterns are repeated (I am looking for something serious, do not write to me if you do not meet this or that requirement, etc.). Once detected, we can write a bio that makes a difference and reflects our personality.

The personal tastes of each one are also important , since in general we seek to meet people with whom we have things in common (for the other there is already Twitter). Of course, it is convenient to specify and not simply write “I like music”. 99% of society likes music, but a Camela fan doesn’t quite match a Metallica fan, or at least not at first. The more information, the more likely another user will see you as something to click on.

Finally, honesty is another flag that we have to show off on Tinder (and in any application). Do not pretend that you are a dog lover to flirt more if you do not like animals, that may mean a match for you , but sooner or later reality will knock on the door and that trick to start a conversation will become a burden.

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