Interested in knowing how to bypass the daily Sweatcoin cap? These are the options you have at your disposal to increase it.
How to bypass the daily Sweatcoin limit

Sweatcoin is becoming one of the sensations of 2022. The app that offers us a reward in exchange for our daily steps is gaining more followers every day, and the desire to want to accumulate more and more leads many to debate how to avoid the daily limit from Sweatcoin . In general, the application establishes a limit of 10 sweatcoins per day for the vast majority of users, but there are always ways to earn a little more and be able to access more and better offers.

The limit of 10 daily sweatcoins is reserved for users who have the Free plan, that is, those who use the application for free. However, for those who want to break records and have more and more balance in the application, there is the option of subscribing to the Premium plan, which will considerably increase this limit , raising it to 100 daily sweatcoins , which will require about 52,000 steps.

The Sweatcoin premium subscription costs money, but we can always take the first week of free trial and then cancel it to go back to the free plan . The premium plan doubles every sweatcoin we get, but as mentioned, it also has a limit of 100, which is what the developers of the app have considered fair. Obtaining this figure means running one or two marathons a day, so going beyond that would even be detrimental to health.

How to avoid the daily limit of Sweatcoin 1


There are also some tips that will make it easier for you to earn more sweatcoins per day . As we know, the application takes into account our steps as it is linked to Google Fit, but there are some tricks that can allow us to have a greater reward at the end of the day. Not everyone is aware that walking near high-rise buildings can hurt our step count, as the GPS may have a hard time labeling your steps as indoors. If you walk outdoors, try to do it in open spaces, such as parks or natural spaces , and you will have better results in your balance.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that carrying the phone in a bag or backpack is not the best option, since these movements are not captured as effectively as if we carry it in our pocket. Carrying it in your shirt pocket isn’t the best alternative either, so now you know: your mobile is always in your pants pocket to get the most out of it.

Finally, the application also offers us the possibility of adding some extra sweatcoins every day with its daily rewards ( scroll down on the main screen and you will find them). In exchange for viewing ads, you can add some extra earnings that always come in handy. Be careful when closing them, as they usually take you to the Google Play store with ease, always wait for the cross icon to appear in the upper right.

How to avoid the daily limit of Sweatcoin 1


Sweatcoin is an application that starts working as we carry our mobile when we walk, whether we are outside or inside our house, so there is no minimum threshold for how many steps I have to take a day to earn Sweatcoin . Of course, the more we walk, the more virtual coins we will accumulate, so we should be active throughout the day to get the most out of the app .

The conversion rate is one sweatcoin every 1,000 steps, although we must always keep in mind the 5% commission that the application keeps, so effectively we will have to take 1,052 steps to obtain a full sweatcoin .

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