More and more users are interested in the best applications to get free extra steps in Sweatcoin. Are they trustworthy?
The best apps to get free extra steps on Sweatcoin

The desire to accumulate more sweatcoins is leading many users to fall for the siren songs of pages that offer the best applications to get free extra steps in Sweatcoin. The desire to have more virtual currencies within the application to use in the store or to exchange them for the sweat cryptocurrency when it comes into force on September 12 leads to wanting to look for shortcuts that are not always recommended, although some are surprisingly effective.

The only app that we have tested that works 100% in daily use of Sweatcoin is DeFit . By activating the synchronization of this app we will see how in the course of a few minutes a good handful of extra steps are added to our statistics without the need to walk, which will make it easier for us to obtain sweatcoins.

The operation of the DeFit application is really simple. After installing it on our device, we just have to open it and click on the ‘+ 60 minutes’ button. Next, we’ll need to make sure the tab to the right of the ‘Data will sync soon’ message is turned red. After a few minutes, we can see how our step count has grown substantially in Sweatcoin with amazing ease.

The best apps to get free extra steps on Sweatcoin 1

Keep in mind that the developers of the application may begin to detect some anomalous behavior in the accounts that use De Fit on a recurring or exaggerated basis, and may go so far as to ban the user from the platform . So far it has not happened, but it is a scenario that you have to keep in mind if you are going to use this trick.

You should also be very careful with other pages and applications that promise to cheat the applicationIf you see any web page that includes the terms ‘Sweatcoins Hack’ or ‘Sweatcoins Generator’, be extremely suspicious , as they are likely to be sites trying to obtain your data.


We don’t always have the time or the desire to walk the approximately 11,000 daily steps it takes to earn the 10 sweatcoins we can reach each day, which is why some people wonder how to easily reach the daily step limit in Sweatcoin . The application itself offers us some help, such as the double daily boost. When you open the app, scroll down a bit until you see the section with the ‘Open double boost’ button and activate it when you go for a walk. Your steps will double for 20 minutes.

The best apps to get free extra steps on Sweatcoin 2

There are also some tips that we can put into practice to maximize the number of steps that we take and that the application counts them without any impediment. Activating the number of steps indoors will help us make the small trips we make at home also add up, but there are two other unwritten rules to keep in mind when we are outdoors that we must follow to reach the daily step limit more quickly.

Carrying the mobile in your pocket is always better than in your bag so that the count is much more efficient, and not all users know this. When you walk, try to do it in open areas as well , since tall buildings can interfere with the GPS signal and end up taking a few steps away from you, slightly moving you away from your daily goal. These are tips that make a small difference, but they can be key if one day we fall below the limit.

On the contrary, if you want to get even more out of the application, you can always activate the trial period of the premium plan . This subscription will double the sweatcoins you earn per day and also has a daily maximum limit of 100 sweatcoins , which can earn you a lot of profit after a week or a month.

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