It’s time to start getting the most out of your walks. Discover these 6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin.
6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin

The satisfaction of going for a walk or run every day is now enhanced by the rewards that Sweatcoin offers and that allows its users to buy items or services in its virtual store. However, that does not seem to be enough for some, who want to further optimize their profits. If that’s your case, here are 6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin .



Sweatcoin is an application that seeks to promote good habits of daily physical exercise, so it is interested in reaching as many people as possible. You can consider participating in the Sweatcoin influencer program , since this will be one of the most direct ways to get real money ( sweatcoins cannot be exchanged for cash today). In order to register, you will have to submit your proposal through a form on this website (in English) and once you receive approval, you can start being a spokesperson and receive cash rewards for it.

6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin 1

These cash payments will have to be directed to your PayPal account, although along the way you will have to assume a commission that will reduce it slightly. The more people yaou invite with the affiliate link, the more money you can earn.


This trick is related to the previous one, although Sweatcoin users who are not influencers can also get a slice. When receiving your affiliate link, it should be moved as much as possible, and a good way is to take advantage of social networks. A good way to get the most out of them is to go to groups or use hashtags in networks where there are a large number of athletes, since it is the ideal niche, and comment (without falling into messages that can be considered spam ) the publications accompanying them with your link.

6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin 2

Users who do not belong to the Sweatcoin influencer program also have their own link to share among friends, family and on social networks . The only difference is that in this case it will not be used to earn cash, but each user who clicks on your link and registers with Sweatcoin will give you an extra prize of five sweatcoins .

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Another tip to keep in mind if you want to add steps quickly in Sweatcoin is to sync the DeFit app . We have been able to verify that by installing this application on our device and synchronizing it, the number of daily steps in Sweatcoin increases even if we are working on the desktop without moving. This may lead to us being able to convert more sweatcoins into real money in the future when sweat is released .           

6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin 4


Precisely this launch, that of the sweat cryptocurrency , is the great moment that many users are waiting for in the application to earn more real money with Sweatcoin . As indicated on the website of the application, when the sweats are launched, users will be able to transform their sweatcoins with a rate of 1 to 1 that will be reduced as time goes by, so it is more interesting to do it from the beginning. .

In order to transform our sweatcoins into sweats when the cryptocurrency goes live, we will have to have our wallet activated within the application. When we have these sweats , we will be able to move this currency as we please, exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, transforming it into real money… Of course, always keep in mind that this type of movement will carry commissions at all times, so you will lose a small some of your sweatcoins along the way.

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This trick can help us earn more sweatcoins than expected , since for now it is not being pursued by the developers of the application. If we carry our mobile while cycling, Sweatcoin will continue adding steps as long as we do not exceed a speed of 16 km/h, so it is a good way to increase our balance with a view to a future conversion into sweats in the coming weeks.


To get more sweatcoins than we would get with our simple steps, we have the possibility to activate the premium mode . As what it is about is making a profit, we can take advantage of the offer of a free week , activating it and canceling our subscription at the moment in which we see that it is active, so that the first payment is not executed after the week has passed. trial week.

6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin 6

During those seven days that we will have the premium mode for free, we will double each sweatcoin obtained automatically, which will help to increase our balance with a view to a potential investment in cryptocurrency or to get items in the store and follow the advice that will come to continuation. Of course, it is convenient not to get lost and cancel the subscription immediately to make sure that we do not continue in premium mode after the week , since then we would be losing money.


Another alternative that users who want to maximize their benefit in the use of Sweatcoin have is related to applications for the purchase and sale of second-hand items. The offers that are available in the Sweatcoin store are usually accessible after a few days of accumulating steps (although some do require payment of shipping costs). This is where the enterprising character of the user comes into play, who can get an extra benefit from receiving these products by uploading them directly to platforms such as Wallapop, Vinted, eBay , etc.

6 tricks to earn real money with Sweatcoin 7


They are mushrooming videos with the most varied ideas on YouTube, but the vast majority are tricks that do not work with Sweatcoin . There are no magic apps that give you free sweatcoins , as Sweatcoin is not associated with any other app on the market.

There are tricks that at the moment do work, such as carrying more than one mobile with the application installed on top of it or tying the mobile to a drill so that it adds more steps when starting it up, but they are counterproductive tactics. This goes against the terms of use of Sweatcoin, so it is possible that by attempting to falsify the steps in this way, you will end up being expelled from the platform as soon as these anomalous behaviors are detected and legally losing all your accumulated sweatcoins . Better not risk (or risk the phone).

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