Although it is a platform that does not allow erotic content, many users have found out how to find hot videos on TikTok with #YouTubeNaranja
How to find hot videos on TikTok with #YouTubeOrange

No matter what the nature of social networks is, sooner or later there will always be someone trying to circumvent their security filters to sneak erotic content into it in one way or another. The number of people interested in how to find hot videos on TikTok with #YouTubeOrange continues to grow, leading many to wonder what this hashtag really is and what it consists of.

The first thing to note is that Tiktok , like Facebook or Instagram, does not allow explicit erotic content on its platform . Any video that is uploaded showing more than it should be quickly unpublished by the team of moderators and the user will probably be sanctioned in his account, either with an indefinite ban or with his expulsion from the social network. However, with these tags, several adult content creators try to capture the attention of TikTok users to redirect them to their platforms, where they can publish erotic content without the limitations of the most popular social networks.


But let’s cut to the chase to clarify what #YouTubeOrange on Tiktok is, what it means, and what kind of users are sharing this hashtag. YouTube Orange is the code name given in TikTok to the PornHub pornographic video platform. Using that hashtag, it’s not hard to find videos of creators trying to redirect TikTok’s audience to this platform using models and baits of a few seconds long that don’t violate TikTok’s terms.

How to find hot videos on TikTok with #YouTubeNaranja 1

This trend has sparked quite a bit of concern given the high percentage of underage users who use TikTok on a daily basis. The platform’s moderation teams constantly seek to remove all inappropriate and explicit content that can be uploaded to the social network, but the constant rate of publications and the popularity that this hashtag is gaining complicate the task.

Parents who want better control over the content their children are exposed to can access ‘Profile’, pull down the menu (icon with three horizontal stripes), and select ‘Settings and privacy. There you will find the ‘Family Sync’ option.

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Once inside, they will have to specify who is using that account, if the father/mother/guardian or the minor, and with a QR code one account can be linked to the other. In this way, control over the content found on TikTok will be greater and the minor will be safer in the application.

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In addition to the orange alternative, the #YouTubeAzul hashtag has also been gaining traction on TikTok, what it means and what kind of pages it can lead to. While the hidden meaning of YouTube Orange is quite clear to the vast majority of users who use it, with YouTube Blue there is a bit more variety in response.

Some users consider that the YouTube Blue hashtag refers to another pornographic content platform such as PornHub, which has blue as its main color, but there are also creators who use this label to promote their profile, where there is a link to their personal page. OnlyFans (also a platform characterized by blue) or a private Telegram group. As TikTok moderators go about their business and remove videos that violate the terms of use with these tags, there are those that are innocently starting to turn both YouTube Orange and YouTube Blue into a meme.

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