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It has become the fashion effect, and rightly so. Discover everything you need to know about Pure Eyes: this is the new TikTok effect that is hitting it
Pure Eyes: this is the new TikTok effect that is hitting it

The secret of success can be anywhere, even in a section that was not planned, as has happened with Pure Eyes: this is the new TikTok effect that has been hitting it in recent weeks, and not because of what it promises, a filter more for eyes, but for what it adds as a gift.

TikTok’s Pure Eyes filter consists of modifying the natural color of the eyes of the user who is recording the video, using a color between greenish and honey. Those who want to see how their eyes will radically change with another eye color can try using this filter, although many users are detecting that the filter can also affect the lips, swelling them as if they had received an excess of hyaluronic acid.  

Pure Eyes: this is the new TikTok effect that is hitting it 1


Trouble locating the filter? Take note, because these are the steps that will make it easy for you to use the TikTok Pure Eyes effect . When opening the application, we start the usual procedure to publish a tiktok , pressing the icon with the ‘+’ sign that we find in the central part of the lower menu bar, and then we select the icon with the emoji winking an eye that is in the left part, next to the red record button.

As we well know, the list of filters is endless and sometimes locating one is not always easy, so instead of browsing between the effects that are trending or the newest, we will click directly on the magnifying glass icon and write ‘pure eyes’ . Then the filter will appear and when selecting it, it will be applied to our face in the tiktok that we are going to publish.

Pure Eyes: this is the new TikTok effect that is hitting it 2

Extra tip for your video to get more traction and ensure even more likes: add the hashtags #pureeyes or #pureeyesfilter in the description, so that it appears in the search results of users who are curious about this trendy effect among the youngest by changing our gaze completely.


To check how it is reflected in tiktoks , it is best to check first hand the best videos with the TikTok Pure Eyes effect . This way we will see how the main creators of content on the platform are using it and it can inspire you when publishing yours, even helping you choose the song you want in the background.

Julia Ray Croft has become the most successful tiktoker thanks to the Pure Eyes filter, but she has done it without intending to, since when uploading the video she detected that the effect also affected her lips . The scare she got when checking it out has earned her a lot of likes, though it seems she wasn’t entirely satisfied.

The creators of the filter are the owners of the Sasha and Diana account , and in one of their most recent videos they show part of the creation process and how it is applied to the face of one of them. It is also appreciated that, indeed, the filter is also applied in part to the user’s lips.

Given that the vast majority are videos of tiktokers trying out the filter without going much deeper into the originality of the content, we have also highlighted this tiktok by Steph Hui, in which the Hong Kong influencer rates the most fashionable filters on the platform in these moments. Which one do you prefer?

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