Problems entering Telegram? See what may be happening
Why does Telegram not let me enter 1

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications today. If you are a user of this platform, you may not have been able to use it at a certain moment and the question arises: why does Telegram not let me enter? We give you some reasons for what may be happening next.

With 700 million active users per month, Telegram continues to expand its functions and in addition to having thousands of channels and groups, now you can also enjoy premium service with more features. When it comes to communication possibilities, Telegram is one of the most complete messaging applications because, in addition to having a lot of tools, it takes great care in protecting the user’s privacy. In addition to the chats in which you can include text, images or videos, you can display different bots, create broadcast lists, have secret chats or configure messages that self-destruct.

Among the keys to Telegram’s success are its simple design, the speed in sending and receiving messages and the fact that the account can be synchronized on several devices. But like all apps, it does not get rid of the fact that at a certain moment you cannot enter it correctly. If you are in this situation, you may be wondering, why won’t Telegram let me in? Here are some reasons why it may be happening.

  • You do not have enough storage space on your mobile device . If your mobile has a small storage and you have many apps installed, the app may not run because there is no free space for it to work properly.
  • You have lost internet connection. Another of the most common reasons why it is impossible for you to enter Telegram is the network. If you do not have an internet connection because you are in a low coverage area, it will be impossible for the app to work normally.

If after a while you still cannot log in to Telegram, it is best to contact the company itself through this form. Explain what is happening to you in detail so that they can help you.

Why does Telegram not let me enter 2


In the previous section, we have seen some answers to the question of why Telegram won’t let me join, now we are going to expose others to answer why Telegram won’t let me join a group? Telegram groups are the best space to share conversations with friends and family or people related to a topic. These groups can be small or grow to have up to 200,000 members.

If you cannot enter a Telegram group, it may be because it is private and before you can do so, the administrators must be the ones who give you an access permission. Another reason why you cannot enter a group can be if you have been expelled from that space by the administrator.


If none of the above questions affect you, but rather your question is why does the message appear to connect infinitely on Telegram? See what’s happening below.

When after a few seconds you try to enter Telegram, but the connection message is long and a long time passes, it is most likely that your phone’s internet connection with the Telegram servers is failing. The app keeps trying to connect, but the connection is not quite stable and powerful enough to enter your Telegram account and display your list of chats and contacts.

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