Stumble Guys is like Fall Guys but for mobile. It is the best alternative to have fun with friends.

Fall Guys is one of the most played titles for home consoles. Its success has given rise to various alternatives that are inspired by it. Among all of them, the most prominent is Stumble Guys: the best alternative to Fall Guys to play with friends from your mobile. Stumble Guys is practically the same as Fall Guys, but carried over to Android and iOS. You may ask, why is it the best alternative? Because their games consist of an online multiplayer with 32 people , since other games inspired by success do not have online .

From the name to the rest, Stumble Guys is pretty much the same as Fall Guys . Visually they are very similar, even someone who does not know the portable title and sees a gameplay, will think that he is facing the second. The colorful, soft-edged stages and platforms are similar, as is the design of the happy-faced, stuffed animal-like characters. Although the key is that both are played practically the same.

We must compete against other players to reach the goal before them and thus qualify for the next phase. Doing so won’t be easy, as you’ll need to dodge obstacles like spiked rollers or falling platforms. To do this, we must advance by jumping and launching ourselves at the right moment. The only playable difference with Fall Guys is that Stumble Guys removes the action of grabbing an opponent , one of the more annoying actions of its “big brother”.


Google Play Store and App Store are the portals where you can download Stumble Guys for free, since it’s free to play. We just have to download the application , like any other game. With over 100 million downloads worldwide on the Google Play Store alone , it has emerged as one of the most successful alternatives to Fall Guys. In addition, its rating for all audiences (E) makes it suitable for anyone who wants to try it, from adults to children.


On the other hand, we can also play it on PC thanks to Steam . As in Android and iOS, it is a free video game. To do this, all we have to do is have an account on the portal and select Play Stumble Guys. Of course, it has not been released for desktop consoles, such as PS4 and XBOX One, since Fall Guys is available there for free.


In this short tutorial we will focus on how to play Stumble Guys on mobile. The mechanics are identical to Fall Guys . We must reach the goal by overcoming obstacles and falls, for this we can run (by default), jump and dive headfirst. In the first round 16/32 players qualify, in the second 8/16 and so the number decreases until only one player can win the final, obviously the one who reaches the finish line first.

It is an easy mechanic to adapt to and very addictive. The characters have skins, that is, customizable suits. To change the appearance of your character you must acquire outfits, which are divided into different categories: rare, epic and legendary. Although it is possible to acquire several for free after playing for hours, it is quicker to pay for them , since Stumble Guys is free to play, but its content has payment options.


When you open the game, the Store tab appears. We cannot directly buy the outfit we want, but we buy gems and tokens to be able to redeem them for an outfit raffle . It is possible to acquire from 250 gems for 1.99 euros to 5,000 gems for 19.99 euros, although we also have the more valuable and purple tokens, so they will allow us to unlock more things. The maximum price we can pay is 49.99 euros for 1300 tokens. Finally, by paying, we can activate the premium Stumble Pass for 1,200 gems, which allows us to get celebrations and outfits faster. This is all you need to play Stumble Guys: the best alternative to Fall Guys to play with friends on mobile.

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