Discover these Sweatcoin app utilities and find out how to get sweatcoins fast without too much effort
How to get sweatcoins fast

You have to try to take advantage of good offers before they disappear, but it may happen that when it comes up we don’t have the necessary sweatcoins . This article will give you some tips on how to get sweatcoins fast on the Sweatcoin app , which offers you rewards for the steps you walk throughout the day. There are several alternatives to be able to make the most of the application’s potential without paying a single euro, although there is also the possibility of contracting the premium service .

One of the main features of Sweatcoin is that it does allow you to count steps indoors, a great advantage to take advantage of and accumulate more while we clean at home or are in the office from one place to another, for example. On the main screen we will see a window in which we can activate this function so that our balance increases quickly.

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Another factor that can play in your favor is the summoning power you have. Sweatcoin offers you five extra sweatcoins for each friend you manage to convince to download the application, but beware, it is not worth the word of mouth of a lifetime. In the application, click on the icon with two dolls that you will find in the lower menu bar, and in the ‘Friends’ tab, scroll down. You will find a personalized link that will be the one that reports the sweatcoins , since that will be the one that you have to send to your friends and acquaintances to download the app .

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Third way to increase the balance: take advantage of the rewards. On the main screen of the app, scroll down until you see a section called ‘Daily Rewards’. There, Sweatcoin offers you several goals that, if you meet, can bring you more sweatcoins with which you can get items in the store or participate in their auctions or charitable causes.

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The developers of Sweatcoin are aware that many users will try to cheat, so in addition to trying to make the app effectively count all steps efficiently, it also detects when someone is simulating your steps. If you plan to leave the mobile on top of a washing machine or some other object that has a movement that can simulate that of your steps, it is likely that they will not be reflected in your balance , so now you know: no unethical shortcuts. 

Finally, it is worth highlighting the option of using Sweatcoin Premium. On the main screen we can see the button to access as soon as we scroll . Once inside, we will see the different rates, which will allow us to double our sweatcoins . If you are interested in trying it out, there is a seven-day period available after which you can cancel your subscription.

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The interest in how to make money with Sweatcoin is only increasing. Currently , the application does not allow us to exchange our sweatcoins for cash, but there are some ways to earn real money. The first, already enabled, is the Sweatcoin influencer program. Through this link on their website , you can register as an influencer to promote the application and you can get financial rewards.

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The second option will arrive in the month of July, when the sweat cryptocurrency is launched . This new currency can be exchanged for our sweatcoins , and thus we will have the possibility of earning money with our steps and, later, converting the sweats into real money or into other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum. You can now activate your portfolio for when the announcement is official.


In the case of influencers , they may need to know how to withdraw money with Sweatcoin. Once your request is accepted, you can choose whether payments are made to your bank account (via the Wise app) or to your PayPal account. When you meet your goals, you will have to fill out a form to let Sweatcoin know and you will receive a confirmation email. There may be delays of 48 hours (Wise) or 72 hours (PayPal) when making withdrawals effective.

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