Going for a walk will cost a little less once you discover how Sweatcoin works to earn money with steps
How Sweatcoin works to earn money with steps

The competition is so strong in the field of fitness and wellness applications that they have already started to reward the user and, among so many alternatives, this article will explain how Sweatcoin works to earn money with steps . The success of the apps that introduce gamification (rewards in exchange for achieving goals, in this case with our physical activity) has made Sweatcoin do nothing but gain followers, although its interface still has a lot of room for improvement in its Spanish version.

The operation of Sweatcoin is simple, as soon as we install the application on our mobile it will ask us to associate a phone number to create our user. At that time, we will already have our individual account in Sweatcoin with which the application will start counting the steps. The more steps we accumulate throughout the day, the more sweatcoins we earn , with a conversion rate of one sweatcoin every 1,000 steps .


Rewarding our effort right off the bat may seem strange to users wondering what Sweatcoin is and what its real purpose is. Technically, Sweatcoin is a free app that rewards your daily steps with a cryptocurrency ( sweatcoins ) with which you can get products in its store, donate to charity or transform it into sweats , the cryptocurrency that is scheduled to launch this summer.

How Sweatcoin works to earn money with 1 steps

Regarding the privacy of user data in Sweatcoin , a factor of increasing concern in society, the company ensures that it does not sell the data to third parties and never will. On its website , the company also states that the user’s location is totally anonymous and cryptographically protected, being used solely for the development of the application’s Step Verification Algorithm. Sweatcoin’s main partner is Digital Health London and it also has links with the NHS, the British public health system.


The most interesting point for the vast majority of people who download the application to start counting their steps is knowing how to collect Sweatcoin . As we walk we will see how our current balance of sweatcoins appears at the top of the screen . Currently, they cannot be exchanged for hard cash, but in the application there is a store that offers products and services of all kinds that we can exchange for our sweatcoins . We must always bear in mind that each operation includes a 5% commission for the app , so we will lose some extra sweatcoins along the way every time we make a purchase.

Sometimes in the store the option to be able to exchange our sweatcoins in PayPal is activated, but there are usually no active options to be able to exchange this digital currency for hard cash . However, Sweatcoin already includes a notice in its application that it is working on the launch of Sweat, its own cryptocurrency, and users can now activate their digital wallets on the platform.

How Sweatcoin works to earn money with 2 steps

By exchanging sweatcoins for sweats , it will be possible to exchange that money for other more established cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum , and later be able to transform it into euros, although along the way part of what has been accumulated in the aforementioned commissions will be lost.

The application still has certain problems in terms of stability in Spain (the interface mixes translated sections and others in the original English) and some users complain that the step count is not 100% reliable . This problem has been accepted and recognized by Sweatcoin, which will work to try to improve its algorithm and that the count is true to reality in order to reward those who use the app accordingly .

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