Keep your account safe from prying eyes without having to have a private profile. Discover how to remove a follower from Twitter 2022.
How to remove a follower from twitter 2022

By having a public account on social networks, we risk being followed by people who are not entirely welcome and who we do not want to see our content. Fortunately, how to delete a Twitter follower in 2022 is no longer a concern thanks to the improvements that the platform has been introducing. Although this option has taken a long time to land on the social network, users can now get rid of indiscreet bosses, friends or relatives in a stealthy way.

To be able to perform this action, surprisingly, we will not have to use the Twitter application, since you can only delete followers on the web version. Therefore, if we want to do it from our mobile, we will have to do it through the browser , writing the URL . It is important to access this address through the browser and not through other applications such as WhatsApp, since then the Twitter app will open and we will not be able to delete it.

Once inside, we see that in the list of our followers there is an icon with three points on the right side. Click on it and a menu will be displayed in which the option ‘Delete this follower’ already appears.

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The process is similar on the web version , only this time the URL is . Again, on the right side we will find the three points and by clicking we can select ‘Remove this follower’ so that they stop following us and cannot see our content (unless they follow us again).   

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This procedure may not be enough or be tedious for some, especially if they want to deep clean their Twitter profile. For those interested in finding out how to bulk delete Twitter followers , there are other alternatives, although they are third-party APIs that require access to our account . One of the ones that allows this option is Circleboom , although in reality what it tells us is that we can visit your account to carry out a soft block , a technique that will be detailed later.


There are also those who are looking for an app to delete Twitter followers en masse, and in this case it will not be difficult for us to find available alternatives, although it is important to highlight that they are applications external to Twitter. If we decide to link them to our account, the data will be shared with the new application. In addition, they are usually not effective either.

We have tried Unfollow Today , one of those that promises to make our followers stop following us, and after giving access to our account, enduring a lot of advertising and trying to get one of our followers to stop being a follower, we have verified on Twitter that it does not work , since that user was still the account from which the test was made. This app only makes it easy to delete the people we follow, not those who follow us, so it is not a useful option for what we are looking for .

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If we are still interested in how to delete Twitter followers without blocking them, the best option we have is the first one that we specify in this article, enter through the web version and do it one by one. The other existing alternative without blocking them was to perform a soft block, that is, blocking and unblocking them at the same time. In this way, that user will no longer follow you and will not have had material time to verify that he has been briefly blocked by you or that you have forced the unfollow .


This being the most recommended method, how to delete all your Twitter followers becomes a somewhat heavy task, especially if you have several hundred or thousands of fans on this platform . Sorry to be so drastic, but the fastest way to delete all followers is to delete the account. After all, if we don’t want anyone to follow us, we can start from scratch and follow whoever interests us.   

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