When planning your vacation, it is interesting to know if you will be able to continue earning sweatcoins. Check which countries Sweatcoin works in.
In which countries does Sweatcoin work?

The months of July and August tend to mean more travel around the world, and many users of Sweatcoin, the trending app in the wellness sector offering rewards in exchange for steps, are wondering which countries Sweatcoin works in . The concern about whether they will be able to continue accumulating sweatcoins in the application, especially now that the launch of the sweat cryptocurrency is just around the corner, has skyrocketed, but there is no reason to be alarmed, since we will be able to continue adding steps with ease.

As reflected on the Sweatcoin website, the application is available in a total of 165 countries , including the main ones in Europe and America. As long as there is an internet connection, the app’s pedometer will keep counting your activity, even in destinations as remote as Afghanistan or the Seychelles. Within the European geographical space, the application does work in Ukraine but not in Russia. Sweatcoin is also absent from territories such as South Korea (obviously also North Korea) or China, so if you travel to Asia it is worth checking the list.


Another of the eternal battles of the users of the application consists of knowing how to put Sweatcoin in Spanish. Updates continue to arrive that improve and translate more and more sections of the app , but even so, it is still easy to find some promotions in English, as well as entire sections of the help menu.

In which countries does Sweatcoin work 1

This problem has no current solution, since there is no setting that allows a full translation of the application. In a previous article, this problem was already specified and a guide was indicated to contact the developers of the app and let them know the demand that exists in the Spanish-speaking market so that Sweatcoin is 100% in Spanish. Of course, the request will have to be made in English, so we recommend that you rely on a translator if you do not defend yourself in that language.


The items that we can acquire depend on the location where we are, but many users want to discover how to buy in the Sweatcoin store in other countries . Within the application we will not be able to modify the country from which we are walking, since a modification occurred in 2018 that prevents users from making this change. To establish our country, the application is based on our phone number, and that information is impossible to modify.

In which countries does Sweatcoin 2 work?

However, in the store we do find a small legal loophole in which to move in order to modify the country. If we have already chosen the store in Spain, we will not find at first glance an option to visit stores in other countries, but if we uninstall and reinstall the application, we will be able to do so.

For the trick to work, once the Sweatcoin application is reinstalled, we will have to click on the icon with the bags to access the store and we will see that they have placed us back in the store . Before confirming the selection, click on the ‘Change’ button that we see in blue on the right side and the list of available countries will be displayed.

In which countries does Sweatcoin 3 work?

By choosing one of these countries, we will not find changes at a glance because we have to exit the application. When re-entering Sweatcoin, we will be able to see the catalog available in the country we have chosen, and we will be able to make the purchases we want. Of course, shipping costs can skyrocket, so consider whether it is profitable for you to change the location of the store or not.

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