We have not one, not two, not three, but 7 reasons not to leave Twitter and continue enjoying everything that the little blue bird continues to offer us.
7 reasons not to leave Twitter

“Next January 1 I’m leaving Twitter .” Surely you have ever heard a family member or friend threatening to leave this social network as a New Year’s resolution. Of course, these purposes are nothing more than wishes that never end up being transferred to reality, such as going to the gym, not ordering food at home… In short, we all already know each other, but if you want to reaffirm your future decision , here are 7 reasons not to leave Twitter (yet).



Every time a controversy related to Twitter arises, there is no shortage of those who propose a wide list of alternatives . It happened with WhatsApp and the temporary fever for Signal and it also happens with Twitter, whose users have said (curiously on Twitter) that where you have to be is in Mastodon.

Well, we’ve tried Mastodon … And the number of users is so, so low, that it’s not worth going there at the moment. As happened with Signal, it won’t take long to realize that the vast majority of your contacts and acquaintances don’t abandon ship , so you have to return with your tail between your legs and a new social network open to catch cobwebs.

7 reasons not to leave Twitter 1


We can demonize this social network all we want, say that it is the most toxic thing we have seen since the Mexican soap operas of La 1 in the 90s and threaten to leave every Christmas, but the salseo is generated on Twitter . Our most gossipy self needs to look at the trending topics to see who is the famous person who has screwed up or the latest controversy between youtubers, as happened on that intense winter weekend thanks to elxokas, WillyRex and TheGrefg with their personal moves .

In addition, and now seriously, Twitter serves to better understand the positions on some media controversy , such as the Uber Files or the Villarejo audios. The traditional media do not usually report the exclusives of others and they do not do so when they are the ones involved, so in this sense Twitter continues to exercise a counterpower, something quite useful in today’s society.


Instagram is down, where do you go to check it? WhatsApp does not work for several hours, on which platform can I see what is happening? Indeed, Twitter, the oracle of Delphi that we all go to in case of problems with our other main applications.

7 reasons not to leave Twitter 2

We have highlighted both active and passive that there are websites like Downdetector that help us confirm when the service of a social network has gone down, but reality is not deceiving. When we have a problem, we go to Twitter to see if the same thing happens to the accounts we follow, and if not, we take a peek at the trending topics again to check that, indeed, when WhatsApp and Instagram go down, people tweet about them.


The carousel of new features Twitter is adding this year is insane. The need to adapt to the new times and try not to be a protagonist for negative reasons in specialized media has led to a scenario in which all social networks are already on Twitter.

Some work and some don’t (hello dear fleets , wherever you are), but there’s no denying that Twitter is trying really hard. In recent months we have discovered that Facebook groups can also be moved to Twitter thanks to the communities function and now we have the circles , which is the best friends function of Instagram . To show flexibility, they are even going to remove the 280-character limitation so that you can relive your most blogging version .

7 reasons not to leave Twitter 3


Aristotle said in his time, prior to MSN Messenger and eMule, that virtue is in the middle. Well, that balance is what Twitter has achieved while Facebook has ended up becoming the social network where your parents, uncles and grandparents are telling you how handsome they see you in a publication about the war in Ukraine. On the other hand, TikTok bursts in with force, but as the account of the Venice soccer team said, you can follow us there if you are about 12 years old.

It is no small feat to end up being the perfect social network for those who are no longer so young, but not so old either . On Twitter you can continue with your activity on social networks without fearing that they will look at you strangely because of your age, which is a very favorable argument to continue with the little blue bird.


The spontaneity and format of Twitter allow the ingenuity of the staff to be unleashed. The most acidic and fast memes are on this social network , and with its search tool you can find all kinds of gems with which to comment on current affairs in a scathing way with your friends on other platforms like Sign… sorry, like WhatsApp.

7 reasons not to leave Twitter 4

Also, the fact that you can upload both photos and GIFs allows you greater flexibility when it comes to posting and sharing your memes. Yes, Twitter’s video tool isn’t the best compared to what’s out there, but no one considers YouTube or Vimeo to be their go-to sources for memes. TRUE? Zapatero to your shoes, tweeter to your memes in the form of a tweet.


Another aspect that not many have noticed is that Twitter is the most adult social network . While Facebook and Instagram have outraged half the influencer sector for their strict policy of considering adult content what is not, on Twitter that was never a problem.

Nudity is allowed on the social network without this meaning that other users who do not want to see this type of content are too exposed to it. Twitter leaves this type of profile in a semi-secrecy allowed, with enough freedom so that the hashtag #FreeTheNipple is a trend much more typical of Instagram and its strict rules of use.

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