Emulating broadcast lists is very simple in Telegram. So we can send a message to the contacts we want.

Telegram allows secure and massive communication. Through the broadcast lists we can spread a message to up to 100 contacts. Knowing how to create a broadcast list on Telegram is a useful procedure that will help us to notify our contacts of what we want without having to add them to a joint group. Together with the possibility of creating supergroups of up to 200,000 members, they achieve massive communication.

There is no option to create a broadcast list, but we can emulate this tool as follows . Clicking on the pencil icon, in the lower right corner, we select «New channel». So we can create a channel with the name we want and the description, and, of course, the message to spread. The last thing is to select “Private channel” so that only those we want can access the message. Finally we can detail that we are answered in private.

Obviously it is not the same as WhatsApp broadcast lists, but for practical purposes it is similar. In addition, here is another solution that you may find useful: forward messages. And if you want to automate the sending of messages, you can always use the Telegram bots to send them autonomously.


As in WhatsApp, how to send a message to several people at the same time in Telegram is possible in a few steps. Forwarding the message is the easiest option , to do this select the message in the chat and press «Forward». It is possible to forward one or more simultaneous messages by clicking on this or these. Simply select the contacts to send the message to.

You can hide the sender when forwarding the message . When you select the contacts to forward the message to, a box will appear with the message and two options in the lower area: “Show sender” or “Hide sender”. If you select the second, the message will appear as if it was sent by you, since it will not show that it is forwarded or from whom it was forwarded.


On the other hand, one of the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, which we will talk about next, is the normalization of bots . They automate certain tasks, such as sending a message to several people at once on Telegram. Bots can send messages to a group, channel, or your contacts automatically . Although it seems complicated, it is not a difficult task.


Today WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform, with more than 2 billion at the end of 2021. On the other hand, Telegram has more than 500 million users. This has increased its popularity exponentially thanks to its capacity for mass communication , such as the aforementioned possibility of creating supergroups of up to 200,000 members and the creation of channels.

Although Telegram is less used, it offers possibilities that WhatsApp does not have , and vice versa. Among others, the edition of messages, by means of which we can edit the messages already sent, is only found in the first one, as well as the possibility of deleting the messages at any time, even if years have passed.

Another aspect to note is that WhatsApp works through a phone number while in Telegram it is not mandatory . However, what makes the difference between the two is that WhatsApp seems focused on a more casual chat while in Telegram you can create the aforementioned supergroups or subscribe to channels where you will receive information automatically. Of course, both have chat encryption to protect the privacy of the interlocutors.

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