Trouble getting into Gmail? Apply these solutions
Why Gmail won't open: possible solutions

Gmail is one of the most popular and used email servers in the world. If you are a regular user, but you have problems accessing, we will tell you why Gmail does not open: possible solutions to these access problems.

Like all mobile applications, the Gmail application can also cause access problems for users at a certain time. If you’re wondering why Gmail won’t open: Possible solutions below to try and resolve these issues:

  • Gmail down. Although it is not a common cause, it may be that at a certain moment you cannot enter the email server because it is down. So the first thing we can do is check that the Gmail service is working properly. To do this we can use this Google applications dashboard , a tool that is used to find out if there is a problem in any of the Google apps.  
  • Old version. If you have an old version of Gmail installed on your mobile, it may not allow you to enter the app at a certain point. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download the latest version of the app.
  • storage memory. Also, if you have little storage space on your mobile phone, Gmail and other apps may not be able to run normally. Free up memory space so you can start the platform correctly.



In the previous section we have told you why Gmail does not open: possible solutions to these problems. If in your case you can enter the app, but you are in this situation: I cannot open Gmail emails , we will tell you what may be happening.

One of the main reasons why you may not be able to open Gmail emails is due to insufficient internet connection. If your connection is minimal or unstable , it is most likely that your device cannot fully connect to the servers and the emails cannot be downloaded to be opened normally.

In the event that this problem occurs through a web browser and from the Gmail mobile, if it works completely normally, try emptying the browser cache from the settings and then restart that browser again and try to enter Gmail.


If the problem that occurs in Gmail has to do with an absolute blockage of the app, surely you wonder, but why does Gmail block? We give you an answer below.

One thing is that the Gmail app is blocked, this can happen because you do not have enough memory on your device and another thing is that an error appears with the text: “the message was blocked because its content is a potential security problem” . In this second case, you should bear in mind that Gmail blocks messages that could contain viruses , for example, those that contain executable files or certain links.

Why Gmail won't open: possible solutions


If you have managed to get into the Gmail app, but you realize that there is nothing in your inbox, you may be in this circumstance: I am not receiving emails in Gmail. Next, we will tell you what the problem is.

If you’re not receiving emails in Gmail , the problem with your device is most likely related to a sync error. Go to the “settings” of Gmail and check that the synchronization is activated.


If every time you try to enter you see that there is an error loading Gmail , you have to apply a series of solutions that we explain below to see if you can solve this problem.

In the event that I know of this error from the web browser, confirm that the browser is compatible with Gmail, check the extensions that are installed in the browser that can sometimes prevent it from working correctly and empty the browser cache and delete cookies.

If the error occurs from the mobile device, check that you have an internet connection, clean the storage from the Gmail settings and, as a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the app.

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