WhatsApp won’t let me send audios: problems and solutions

Sending audios on WhatsApp is one of the most common practices among several of the users of this application. Instead of writing long texts, they prefer to use their voice to say what they want. But sometimes not everything is pink: “ WhatsApp does not let me send audios ” can become a complaint when the application does not allow you to express yourself with your voice.

To problems, solutions. And here we have them so that you can send your voice notes through WhatsApp without any problem. There are several reasons why WhatsApp does not let you send audios and you should review each one of them so that you can get to the bottom of everything and continue enjoying this option that the messaging application makes available to you.

WhatsApp won’t let me send audiosCause and solution

If you are inspired by recording your audio and when you send it, you see this on the screen: “The download could not be completed, try again later”, there is a problem in the application or the WhatsApp Web, and you must solve it.

The first step is to check if you have a good Internet connection, as explained in Immobile. This is important because, without it, you won’t be able to send anything.

The mobile may be collapsed. This is another reason why you think that WhatsApp won’t let me send audios. In this case, it is recommended to Clear the cache. This is done in Settings <Applications <WhatsApp <Storage <Clear Cache.

After clearing the cache, try restarting the mobile and try sending a voice file from WhatsApp.

Bonus: Sometimes you manage to send audio, but the other person cannot hear it. To solve this problem, check that the multimedia volume of your mobile is turned up.

We hope that with these possible reasons and solutions, the complaint that WhatsApp does not let me send audios is a thing of the past.

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