What to do if WhatsApp audios are bad

WhatsApp audio

WhatsApp audio

Possibly it has ever happened to you that you receive a voice note on WhatsApp and it sounds very low or with interference. The cause of the error can be varied: it can be found in the mobile software, in the device’s speakers … or be a problem with WhatsApp itself.

When the WhatsApp voice notes are not heard well, with a low tone or with errors, the error can be from WhatsApp but also be on the user’s mobile

For each of the cases, there is a solution. Take a look at our list and you will find a way to perfectly listen to the voice notes you receive through WhatsApp. You can try the following:

-Clear cache in WhatsApp: when something strange happens with your WhatsApp, whatever the problem, one of the first options you should execute is to clear the cache. In this way, the different types of files that are stored there are eliminated and that, in addition to taking up space, maybe hindering the natural processes of WhatsApp. Application performance generally improves considerably when the cache is cleared.

-Total mobile scan: in most Android devices there is an option called “Hardware Test” and it allows you to scan the mobile to see if any component or peripheral of the computer is not working as it should.

The way to get to this option varies for each device, although it is generally found in the settings menu, in the information about the device, where the kernel data is stored. Pressing several times on it opens a menu with information about the different components of the equipment and you can check the operation of the speakers.

-Download volume amplifiers: a volume amplifier is a tool that serves to give greater strength and power output to the sounds on the smartphone. If the problem is that the computer speakers can no longer replicate the sound with force, this option will allow the waves to come out with greater force and be heard with greater precision, quality, and clarity than before.

-Use headphones: perhaps the user is the one who no longer hears clearly and forces the sound out of the voice notes, or there is a lot of ambient noise. In that sense, you can use quality wired or wireless headphones, which reinforce the speakers and make the sound travel with greater privacy.

-Proximity sensor: when the user wants to listen to a voice memo in private when the mobile is brought close to his ear as if he were to receive a call, a proximity sensor is activated automatically. It may be this function that does not work properly, and to check if you only have to do one thing: move the mobile closer and if the screen goes dark the process works correctly. Otherwise, if nothing happens, the sensor is damaged and the system does not differentiate the approach, which means that the voice memo cannot be heard through the front speaker.

-Restore factory equipment: this is the last option that is recommended to resort to because it is the most drastic. Before doing so, it is convenient to make backup copies of all the files and conversations in WhatsApp and upload them to the cloud. In this way, when the equipment is reset from scratch, it will be possible to access those photos, videos, conversations, and files previously stored.

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