Instagram has taken notice of the success BeReal. This is the new feature that Instagram wants to copy from the trendy social network.

No application should be left behind if it wants to continue to be used. That is why this is the new function that Instagram wants to copy from BeReal : Instagram will copy notifications from BeReal to upload a double photo. This feature is currently under development under the name “Candid Challenges”. We tell you all about her.

In BeReal, the new trending app , users are notified at a random time each day. This notification is a notice to upload a double photo with the front and rear cameras, to show up unexpectedly in the place where they are. From the moment the camera is opened, they have 2 minutes to take the photo. They cannot add filters or effects. It is a formula that has become fashionable, which is why many users have downloaded the application. After the success, Instagram wants to copy the formula.

“Candid Challenge” is the name under which Instagram develops a similar function. Those who participate in this challenge will receive a notification at a random time to take a photo from wherever they are next to a selfie, forming a double image. This will be uploaded to Instagram stories, where it will remain for 24 hours. This is the new feature that Instagram wants to copy to compete with BeReal. Information about her was leaked on Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi , a mobile developer.



BeReal was born as a response to the constant use of filters on Instagram . The question is, has BeReal become a competitor for Instagram? BeReal is currently the most downloaded application on social networks in the App Store . Although its popularity for iPhone users is immense, it is also highly downloaded by Android users . It is the 3rd most downloaded free social app on the Play Store, behind only TikTok and Instagram. At the time, Instagram copied the stories from Snapchat and kept a large part of its market, but we will have to wait to see if it can repeat the move with BeReal.

At the moment, Instagram has incorporated the Dual function to its stories . It is a double camera that captures a simultaneous photo with the front and rear cameras, as if it were a BeReal post. To use Dual you must go to Stories (Stories). In the menu on the left you will see several icons, click on the arrow pointing down, which will open other functions. Among them is Dual, represented with a camera. Point, pose and capture your surroundings while taking a selfie.

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