Surely you have already seen it in many videos by now. This eye and tongue filter is succeeding on Instagram and these are the steps to use it.
This eye and tongue filter is succeeding on Instagram

There is not a week in which a new filter does not appear that becomes fashionable in all social networks. This eye and tongue filter is a hit on Instagram , although it’s not one of the effects that can be used from the app itself. Actually, the filter is one of the new Snapchat lenses, which is sweeping its users and from there it has spread to other social networks: Instagram , Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

With this filter you will see how your eyes and those of all the people who stand in front of your camera begin to spin in a crazy and unstoppable way. To add even more comedic effect, there will also be a tongue that spins like a turbine, which has made this filter one of the biggest sensations on Snapchat and all of social media.


This filter is only available on Snapchat, but that has not prevented it from appearing in many videos on Instagram as well. If you are wondering how to make funny videos with this effect on Instagram , just follow the same steps that have already been indicated in other similar fashion filter articles, such as the one that showed people crying even though they were actually laughing .

The first thing we have to do is record a video on Snapchat . To do this, we open the application and click on the icon with a smiling emoji that we find to the right of the central capture button. The available filters and effects will appear there, and the eyes and tongue filter we are looking for may appear at first. In case we don’t see it, click on ‘Explore’ (in the lower menu bar) and write in the text box ‘Tongue Twister’, which is the name of the filter in question.

This eye and tongue filter is succeeding on Instagram 1

Once these steps are done, we will only have to record our video and click on ‘Save’ so that it goes to the gallery of our phone . If following these steps you cannot locate the Snapchat eyes and tongue filter, you can access it directly through the following link , being able to use it directly in the web version of Snapchat or in the application if you open it from the mobile.

This eye and tongue filter is succeeding on Instagram 2

From here, the process is much simpler, since we have the video ready to be published on any social network . We will only have to access Instagram and follow the normal publication process to upload a video or a reel. In this case, since we have already saved the video, instead of recording one we will have to access the gallery and select it to be able to publish it.


There are also many users who want to know how to upload videos with the ‘Tongue Twister’ filter on TikTok , and the way to go will be the same as on Instagram, since the eye and tongue fashion effect video on Snapchat is already on our gallery. When we open the app, we upload our video and we can use the appropriate hashtags (#TongueTwisterFilter and derivatives) to make the video easily found by other users and become a viral sensation.

The Tongue Twister filter is not only ideal for filming ourselves or playing pranks on our friends and family. Some users have wanted to try it by recording their pets and the result is just as fun (as long as your cat or dog is not sleepy, in that case it loses part of its effect).

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