If you are a football fan, you are interested in knowing what Fantasy Football is and how it works. Apply your soccer knowledge to beat the other participants in this game.

Football is the most followed sport in Spain. During each day millions of fans enjoy their team’s games, either simply watching them or also playing Fantasy Football. But what is Fantasy Football and how does it work? It is an online game against other participants based on the performance of real soccer players who give us a score.

Fantasy Football is the name given to online games where each player creates a team made up of real footballers from different teams but from the same competition. After each day of said competition, the footballers receive a score based on their individual performance during their corresponding real match. The score of each Fantasy Football team is the sum of the score of all the players ranked in our XI, since there are also substitutes whose score is not added. We must decide who we line up. The team that accumulates the highest score after finishing the competition wins Fantasy Football.

An important aspect is that each virtual team is usually made up of players from different real teams. Benzema, Dembele and Aspas can form a lethal trident in this game, what’s more, it’s about combining the best players from each team. Each participant can buy or sell soccer players to form their team . Of course, you must take into account that the price of each footballer fluctuates , since if he plays better, it will cost more, although it is also possible that his price will rise or fall if he is injured, his team signs someone better for his position or something else happens. event in real life.


If you just found out what Fantasy Football is and how it works, and you want to try it, we will tell you how to play Fantasy Football from your mobile . To do this you must download a Fantasy Football application. Each real competition, such as La Liga, the Premier League, or Serie A has its app, so choose depending on which one interests you the most. In Spain, most soccer fans play MARCA’s La Liga Fantasy, which is based on La Liga, that is, the Spanish First Division.


When you download a Fantasy Football app, you can join a league or create your own . In the first scenario we can join a league of strangers or enter a code given by a friend to enter their league. In the second scenario we can create a league and invite whoever we want through a code. To play we need to be at least 2 players. Once inside, we form our XI with the footballers we have, and who will be the ones who will score points. We can also buy or sell players, both to the other competitors and to the game’s AI, which acts as a bank.

As for money, depending on the application, its distribution varies. Normally, at the beginning of each league, each player receives the same amount of money and a random team. After each day, depending on the score of our team, we will receive more or less money depending on whether we have achieved more or fewer points . The money is usually received automatically from the application, without the need for a manager to distribute it. If we are in the red because we have spent more money than we have, we will not score. Finally, each league must have one or more administrators who can kick cheating players.


There are many applications to play, but we have listed the 3 best apps to play Fantasy Football in Spain to make your search easier. They are all free to download and are available for Android and iPhone, although some offer PRO leagues that are accessible for a fee. These unlock special functions, such as the use of trainers. You already know what Fantasy Football is and how it works, if you are interested in playing, download one of these apps.

  • MARCA’s Fantasy League : The maximum number of players in a league is 24. Participants compete with each other in the market, being able to sign players who belong to other players. Download for Android and iPhone.
  • Ace Biwenger: Its participants do not compete in the market. Each player decides which players to sign but without buying or selling from other participants, so several players can count the same player. Download for Android and iPhone.
  • Comunio : It is the oldest of the 3. The participants compete among themselves for players. You can create leagues based on different tournaments apart from La Liga, like the Champions League or the Premier League. Download for Android and iPhone .

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