Personalize your WhatsApp profile with these photos of couples
The best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples 1

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application. One of the most important elements is the profile picture. If you prefer not to be able to share yours and prefer to put photos of couples, then we show you the best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples.

If there is an application that occupies the top of the ranking of the most used, that is WhatsApp. Currently, the messaging platform already exceeds two billion users worldwide. Like all apps, its use has advantages and disadvantages, but of course, despite the latter, it is still the most popular app.

One of the functions that WhatsApp has is to be able to personalize your user profile with an image. If instead of your photo you want to put a different image , such as of a couple because of the meaning it may have for you or what you want to make other users understand, discover the best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples that we propose below.

We start the selection with the best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples with a mythical one, the one from the Friends series in the characters of Rachel and Ross. One of those of almost impossible love that can be really interesting for your WhatsApp profile, especially for what the couple meant in the series.

couples 11

If what you need is a photo of couples at sunset with the contrast of light and dark, here is a really interesting compilation. There are real ones and also created by digital art.

couples 4
couples 7
couples 9

One of the most beautiful photos of couples are those that are made in black and white. In addition, like this one that we show you below about a walk where the furniture seems to be perfectly placed for the photo, it increases the preciousness of the image much more. All this under the melancholy of a rainy day.


couples 6

Couples are as important as their gestures. This photo on your WhatsApp profile can also have an important meaning because with the crossed fingers it can say a lot if what you want is to show a romantic image.

couples 2

If you prefer illustrations as photos of couples for your WhatsApp profile, we offer you this really fun one that you can put, for example, when you go on vacation.

couples 3

We close the best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples with another one that, although it does not show people but rather elements, can look especially good on the messaging platform. It’s this one with two hearts on a blue background.

couples 10
The best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples 2


Among the best profile photos for WhatsApp of couples , profile photos of anime couples for WhatsApp cannot be missing . If you and your contacts love anime, surely you recognize many of the characters that we show you below. One of the great attractions of anime is found in the couples that come to form. In the created stories there are a lot of known couples. We are going to leave you a selection in case you want to use them for WhatsApp.

Shota and Sawako from the anime Kimi ni Todoke . The relationship of the protagonists of “Kimi ni Todoke” is one of those that leaves a moral. They really show that you should not give the slightest importance to what people say about you or the person you like. Each person is free to love whoever he wants.

anime 1

Another of the most classic anime couples is InuYasha and Kagome. Some characters who were truly in love, although they will not show it publicly.

anime 2

Madoka and Kasuga are another of the most outstanding anime couples corresponding to the anime Kimagure Orange Road”, here we leave you an image so that you can personalize your WhatsApp profile with it.

anime 3

Another of the anime couples, this time of animals, is that of Haru and Legoshi from the anime Beastars. That if, his love story of course is one of those that it is difficult for him to advance.

anime 4

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