If you want to buy imitations of your favorite brands, we present the best Telegram groups to find replicas on AliExpress.

For a few years, AliExpress has stepped up to prevent replicas of branded products from being sold on its platform, thus avoiding legal problems. However, that does not mean that buying imitations of your favorite brands in the Chinese giant is now impossible. What happens is that it is done through hidden links , that is, through links that supposedly go to other products and are shared by Telegram groups. If you want to buy branded items at reduced prices, even knowing that they are not originals, we are going to recommend the best Telegram groups to find replicas on AliExpress.

  • Luxury Spain : This channel offers high-quality replicas of branded products. Through the channel, the product that we may be interested in buying is shown and a link is added. When we enter this link we will see that it is another product. It does not matter, we must make the purchase anyway and when it arrives it will be the one we saw first in the channel.
  • AliExpress Only Brands : Like the previous one, this channel offers us all kinds of clothing and accessories from leading brands, although logically they are not originals but imitations. You can find everything from clothing to watches, glasses, hats, bags and wallets. The operation is very similar to that of the previous channel, through hidden links to prevent Telegram from closing them.
  • AliExpress and dhgate brands : Links to imitation products from leading brands such as Converse, Adidas or Foxy are shared daily on this channel. To prevent both you and the buyer from having any type of problem when making the purchase (which is something that is within the legal limits), the same channel will explain the rules for acquiring your products without complications. The wide variety of products make this channel a very interesting option.


It is also possible that you are not interested in buying replicas of branded items, but it can be very useful for you to know the latest offers that come out on AliExpress and be aware of all the bargains. And for this, again, an interesting option is the Telegram groups with offers for AliExpress . These are groups in which the administrators go through the Chinese shopping platform to find interesting offers, and later share them with other users who may be interested in said purchases. If you want to join any of these groups, we present some of the most interesting ones:

  • AliExpress Bargains : This group collects many of the bargains that we can find in the popular Chinese store. All links go directly to AliExpress, so you will never run into any malware or similar issues.
  • Aliaddict : In this group we find offers and bargains in home, fashion and beauty. The offers come with the links so that we can find the product that interests us quickly and easily in the Asian giant. In addition, discount coupons are also shared so that you can purchase the products that are interesting to you at an even lower price.
  • AliExpress Products : Finally, this group offers us a wide range of products of all kinds that are discounted at that time in the popular Chinese online store. You will also be informed of all the sales and discounts that can be obtained with and without special coupons. The idea is that you are aware of all the products you can buy at good prices.

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