Instant messaging apps sometimes give us life and sometimes they take it away from us. We will tell you below the advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp.

Instant messaging applications have certainly made our lives much easier. But sometimes they can also complicate it for us. For this reason, it does not hurt to think about the advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp at some point to see if it really compensates us.

While it is true that WhatsApp is so integrated into our lives today that it is difficult for us to decide to leave it, taking into account its dark side can help us make a much healthier and more efficient use of the application . And also analyzing the advantages it brings us can make us think twice in those moments when it crosses our minds to stop using it forever.



  • Instant communication: The main advantage of this tool is that we can communicate with other people quickly and effectively.
  • Sending photos and files: If you want to send another person an image, a video or a file, you no longer need to do it by email as it was a few years ago. You can attach it to a WhatsApp conversation, as long as they are less than 16MB in size. Therefore, it is the ideal medium for sending small files.
  • Free calls: If your rate has limited minutes, by connecting to a WiFi network you can make unlimited calls with a fairly reasonable quality.
  • Individual and group video calls: With the arrival of confinement, we all learned to value the possibility of making video calls. And probably using WhatsApp for them is one of the most comfortable ways, since most people who have smartphones have them installed on their mobiles. In addition, it allows us to make both individual calls and group calls. Therefore, if you want to talk to your whole family or friends at the same time, this tool is perfect.
  • On the mobile or on the PC: Through either WhatsApp Web or the desktop application, it is possible to access your WhatsApp conversations from the computer as well as from the mobile. Thus, you can use the device you prefer at any time.


  • It can be addictive: Basically, we all spend more time in front of the mobile screen than is advisable. And WhatsApp may be largely to blame for this. Many people find it difficult to know that they have an unanswered message, which can even lead to them not fulfilling their obligations or fully enjoying their leisure time due to being aware of their mobile. The moment communication consumes our free time, its use becomes problematic.
  • It can favor toxic relationships: Both as a couple and as friends or even family members. The possibility of being connected at all times and sending photos or even the location in which we are can make it a very comfortable control tool and always at hand. If a relationship is not healthy, having WhatsApp on the mobile does not exactly help.
  • Limited multi-device: We have previously discussed that WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices. But the reality is that this function is very limited. For example, we cannot have the session started on two mobiles at the same time, and to start it on the PC we need to have the mobile at hand. Therefore, the option to use it on various devices is not as free as we might think.
  • Limited file sending: Other tools like Telegram allow us to send larger files, which makes it an interesting alternative.

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