See how to schedule Reels on Instagram and reach your audience at any time automatically.
How to program reels on Instagram from mobile 1

If you love creating your own reels for Instagram, but you want them to be published on a certain calendar date and time, discover how to schedule reels on Instagram from your mobile and thus reach your audience at any time.

Instagram launched its Instagram Reels in August 2020, which it defined as “ a new way to create and discover short and fun videos on Instagram”. Since then, these effects-laden short videos are favorites for many users of the platform.

These reels can be downloaded and you can add a multitude of effects to make them very creative and eye-catching for all your contacts or the entire Instagram audience. Always remember that it is important to meet certain guidelines as you are before posting your reels.

For those who have a creator account or who make a lot of reels, but need to be able to organize them as far as their publication is concerned, it is very interesting to know how to program reels on Instagram from your mobile. Once programmed, they can be forgotten because they will be published completely automatically.

But if it is necessary to know that to know how to program reels on Instagram from the mobile we are going to have to use an external app, since Instagram itself does not have this option for its users . To learn how to schedule reels on Instagram from your mobile and not have to worry about posting them manually at a certain time, follow the steps that we show you below.

  • Download the Preview – Plan your Instagram app from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.
  • Accept the permissions and enter your Instagram username and password to log in.
  • Then enter the “Reels” section .
  • Now click on the + icon and upload your video . Remember that you can complete it with the cover and adding a description and you can also put hashtags.
  • Finally, where it says “Schedule” or “program” choose the day and time you want the video to be published.
How to program reels on Instagram from mobile 2


You already know how to program reels on Instagram from your mobile. Now we are going to explain everything related to programming reels with creator studio , the Meta tool.

In case you don’t know, Creator Studio is the Facebook platform that is aimed at all content creators to simplify their actions when it comes to publishing on the Facebook and Instagram social networks. This platform is especially interesting for those users who manage one or more pages on both Facebook and Instagram. In addition to being able to publish content, you can also organize and see the impact they have had on the network audience.

If what interests you is the fact of being able to program reels with Creator Studio, the first thing you have to do is enter that Creator Studio platform. Then at the top you must click on the Instagram icon and then click on the green button where it says “Create publication”.

Then you must upload the Reel already made on the platform because you cannot create it at the moment. This is one of the features of Creator Studio, as it uploads it to you as a video from a normal feed post. You can also make it be published on the Facebook page at the same time by checking the option that appears at the bottom. Add all the content and finally click on the down arrow next to the “Publish” button . There you can choose the day and time you want that content to be published.

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