If you want to be able to carry out your administrative procedures easily from your mobile, you need to know how to obtain PIN Key.

When we want to carry out an administrative procedure through the Internet, we have two ways to do it: through the digital certificate or through the PIN Code. Normally, if we do it through the PC, it is usually easier to install the certificate. But there are people who do not feel safe installing said certificate on their mobile, because anyone who picks up our smartphone could carry out any procedure on our behalf. If this is your case, you are probably wondering how to obtain PIN Code to use at the Tax Agency from your mobile, so that any process is more secure.

The Pin Code is a one-time use code with which we can prove that it is us and carry out any administrative procedure that we wish.

To obtain it, when you enter the Tax Agency or any other institution, it will ask you for some information that proves your identity. Normally, they ask for your ID number and its expiration date . Once you verify that these data are correct, you will receive on your smartphone a key of three numbers or letters that will be the equivalent of the digital certificate only during that use.

You can receive the PIN Code by SMS, although we recommend that you download the PIN Code app to obtain it more easily.



To be able to use the Pin Code and receive it whenever you need it , you need to be registered in the system. You can do this either through the app that we mentioned above or through the Tax Agency website . If you have a digital certificate you can do it from home and at the same time. Otherwise, you will have to do it by video call, by letter sent to the tax domicile or by going to an office in person.

If you have a digital certificate , you will only have to enter the information requested. As soon as your certificate is detected, you can continue with the process and obtain your PIN Key.

If you do not have it, you can request that a code be sent to your address by postal mail that you will have to enter to complete the registration. Once you have said code, you can continue your registration to be part of the Clave Pin system and be able to obtain it when you need it.

To register by video call, you will have to do the same as for postal mail, but in the last step choose the option You can also register by video call. Next, you will make a Zoom call with a public employee who will continue with the registration process as if you were in person.



Once you have registered, you are probably wondering how to use the Clave Pin app . But the reality is that it is quite simple.

The app has many functionalities, but most of them are aimed either at registering or modifying your data. If the only thing you want is to do some paperwork once you are already registered, you will simply have to pay attention to the notifications .

Thus, every time you request a new Pin Key you will receive a notification on your smartphone with said key , which you must enter on the corresponding website to start carrying out the process.

In the event that, for some reason, you do not receive said notification, you will simply have to enter the Clave Pin application. As soon as you open it you will find the key you need on the home screen . Enter it on the web and you can continue with the process. But always remember that these keys are for single use, so you will have to request it every time you go to carry out any relationship with the administration.

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