We show you how the Google Chat application works to squeeze the performance of your company
How the Google Chat app works

Communicating work changes, scheduling meetings or sharing files through Google Chat will make your work easier. The Google application offers different options for you to plan projects, so we show you how the Google Chat application works from mobile and thus get the most out of one of the most useful platforms for your work environment.

When we start Google Chat for the first time we will see a blank screen indicating that “There is nothing in the chat”. The application is divided into several menus . On the one hand we have the top bar to search for a word, a chat/space or a file. On the right side of the bar our profile picture will appear, if we click, we can log in with another Google account . On the left side of the bar we will see 3 black lines, if we click, we can change our availability, add a status and modify the settings to abolish notifications, vary the sound or modify the theme.

Once we control the basics, let’s differentiate between Chats and Spaces . The former are individual while the latter are group. To start a chat, tap on “New chat” and choose who you want to chat with. It is practically the same with spaces, where if we click on “Create a space”, it will take us to the creation of it to necessarily name it and optionally add a description and an icon image.

Within the spaces we have several parts: «Chat», «Files» and «Tasks» . In the first we can communicate by text or files but also send Google Meet or Drive links by clicking on the “+” symbol in the lower left corner. Then we have the files or tasks, which will appear in their windows, where in the lower right corner we will see a symbol that will allow us to share files or assign tasks. Each task will be shown next to an empty circle, if we press it, it will be shown as completed and will enter the list of completed tasks, located in the same window.


To successfully handle this platform, we must know how to mention and create links to threads in Google Chat. For the first we will write “@” and then the name or e-mail of who we want to mention . The emails and users mentioned will appear with their text in blue but if we are mentioned, our name will appear with a blue background.

It’s impossible to create links to threads in Google Chat, but we have other tools available that do a similar job. If we press and hold on a message, we can react to it, create a space task or forward it to us. To mimic the links to threads we can always create another chat and set it to be shown as one of the first in the spaces window. With the latter, we already know everything essential about how the Google Chat application works.


To access Google Chat you only need to have a Google account. The platform is available both on computer and mobile . We download it from the Play Store or App Store and select the account with which we want to operate. It is obviously a safe app, virus-free and currently the most downloaded app in the “Business” category in the Play Store with more than 10 million downloads. To use it on a computer, we will simply enter its portal, Google Chat.

Google Chat was born to replace Google Hangouts. Therefore all messages and groups were automatically transferred to the second. Although Hangouts is still available, it has not been updated since the end of 2021 and, as indicated on its own portal, it will soon no longer be available. If you’re still using it, we recommend switching to Chat before the first one closes for good . You already know how the Google Chat app works, now it’s just a matter of using it.

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