How to have everything unlocked in Stumble Guys


In Stumble Guys there are many skins, footsteps or gestures , but unlocking all of them is a long task. Therefore, we explain how to have everything unlocked in Stumble Guys . Whether you want to get it quickly, albeit with dangerous methods, or spending many hours on it, but in a completely legal way, we will guide you through this process.

For those who are wondering how to have everything unlocked in Stumble Guys legally, we have to tell you that it is possible but it will take a long time . The aspects, or footprints, are received by pulling the wheel, for which we will need many gems and tokens . On the other hand, it is vital to get the Stumble Pass, which costs 1,200 gems, to ensure that we get all the gestures, especially the most useful ones, such as grabbing.

So how do you get everything unlocked in Stumble Guys quickly? Through mods and APKs . Mods are files that modify a game by implementing improvements. In the case of Stumble Guys, they would unlock everything we’re missing. On the other hand, APKs are external applications that can be downloaded outside of official portals. In this case, a modified version of Stumble Guys would be downloaded with everything unlocked from the start. Those who opt for the fast track should be aware of the dangers of mods and APKs, which we will detail at the end of the article.

Downloading mods and APKs is impossible via Google Play or App Store . These are found in unofficial portals, which we will find browsing through any search engine, such as Google. To find mods and APKs, it is recommended to type “Stumble Guys mod (or APK) + the version of the game” in the search engine. If the current version is 0.40, the search would be “Stumble Guys mod all unlocked version 0.40”. For APKs, the identical process is carried out, “Stumble Guys APK all unlocked version 0.40”, but first it is recommended to uninstall the official version of Stumble Guys, in case we have it installed.

Although the installation process and its speed depend on the portal from which we download it, it is necessary to grant our device the permissions to install files from search apps, such as Chrome . To do this, open Settings and, in the applications menu, go to Chrome. In the app permissions, a submenu called “Install apps from unknown sources” (or something similar) should appear, from where you can confirm the permission. After confirming it, another screen may appear warning you of the danger of this permission, in that case, accept it again.


Dangers of using a Stumble Guys mod

What are the dangers of using a Stumble Guys mod? Downloading mods and APKs is always dangerous. When downloaded from unofficial portals, they may contain malware , which can damage our device, steal personal information or subscribe us to premium services. For this reason, those who choose to download a Stumble Guys mod (or APK) with everything unlocked must do so at their own risk and taking into account all the dangers that it entails. Even if you wonder how to have everything unlocked in Stumble Guys, we advise against using mods or APKs.

On the other hand, competitive video game companies don’t usually like us to use mods. This implies that they can ban our account , which will mean the elimination of our profile, with everything we have unlocked. To avoid losing everything, those who use Stumble Guys mods, usually use a B account, in which they do not mind being banned. Finally, and being less serious, what happens with many mods and APKs is that they don’t work or quickly get outdated.

Some of the most reputable APK portals are:

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