How Wallapop Shipments works so you don’t meet the seller in person

How Wallapop Shipments works so you don't meet the seller in person

Applications for the purchase and sale of second-hand products between individuals always have an added factor of unavoidable risk, which means that many people are discouraged from using them. To avoid this, some apps like Wallapop include the possibility of making shipments, so it is quite interesting to learn how Wallapop Shipments works so as not to meet the seller in person and eliminate this uncomfortable procedure for many.

How to make safe purchases on Wallapop without seeing the seller

In addition to gaining convenience, Wallapop Shipments is also key if we are interested in knowing how to make safe purchases on Wallapop without seeing the seller . One of the peculiarities of the application is the score that buyers give to sellers, so it is likely that the latter do not want to risk seeing their reputation in the application go down for making a bad shipment.

When browsing the application, if we want to make a purchase without seeing the seller on Wallapop , we will have to look closely at each product. To find out if an item can be shipped and, therefore, purchased without having to meet in person, we will have to click on it. If under the main photograph it has the legend ‘Shipping available’ on a green background, we can buy it with Wallapop Shipments.

How Wallapop works Shipments to avoid meeting in person with the seller 1

The cost of shipments is always borne by the buyer, who will have to pay an extra for each item purchased. You can always negotiate with the seller to try to get a discount that compensates this cost of receiving a product with Wallapop Shipments. Once the price has been agreed and the purchase has been made, the buyer will receive an email notification from Correos or Seur about the availability of the item and will have to show a code to be able to pick it up at their nearest office.

Keep in mind that there are many sellers who do not want to configure the Wallapop Shipping option to make their sales. These items that are sold with personal delivery only will also have this information highlighted in their description to avoid confusion, as can be seen in the image.

How Wallapop works Shipments to avoid meeting in person with the seller 2

Can I return something if I bought it through Wallapop Shipments?

By losing the characteristic of personal contact between buyer and seller, it is natural that some questions arise, such as , can I return something if I have bought it through Wallapop Shipments? Returns are contemplated in case the buyer is not satisfied with the product received because it does not comply with the description found in the application, but he will have to start the dispute procedure first.

This article details how to open a dispute . This scenario occurs when the buyer is not satisfied with the product received and wants their money back, and must be initiated within the Wallapop app . In order for a dispute to prosper and be accepted, either by those in charge of Wallapop or by the seller himself, it is important that the description of what happened is as detailed as possible, so it is advisable not to communicate with the seller through any other tool than Wallapop’s internal chat.

When the dispute is accepted, the buyer will have between 48 and 72 working hours to deliver the product they want to return to the corresponding post office or Seur. The money will be recovered within five to 10 business days.

Another possibility is that the return occurs after two unsuccessful delivery attempts by Correos or Seur . In these cases, the terms are longer, since the product remains in the Post Office for 15 days until it is returned to the seller or 10 days if the shipment was made with Seur.

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