Facebook Couples does not work, how to solve it?


You were about to continue looking for your better half but you have found that Facebook Couples does not work . We help you explain what it may be due to.

Facebook Couples is something like Facebook’s Tinder . It is a tool to find a partner that is very similar to all the dating apps that we already know. But the fact that it was related to the social network makes it a more familiar environment for many.

However, in recent days many Spanish users have found that the icon to enter the dating tool no longer appears .

We have consulted the Facebook help page and indeed does not appear among the countries in which Facebook Couples is available . It seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s company could have decided to stop offering this service in our country, at least temporarily, and hence the problems.

However, the social network has not communicated at any time, neither to the users of the service nor to the press, that it has stopped offering this service in our country , neither temporarily nor forever, so it is not known. too much about it.

In fact, the heart to access Facebook Couples continues to appear in the Facebook app to many users, so it seems that the disappearance of the service is a mystery.

Facebook Dating

Why does Facebook Couples not appear?

One of the points indicated by Facebook so that you can access Facebook Couples is that you live in a country where said service is available. Therefore, if it is really confirmed that the service has stopped working in our country, that would explain why Facebook Couples does not appear , since even if we have a profile we could not access it from this place.

Therefore, the solution to us not being able to use Facebook Couples has a complicated solution. We could try to create a profile located in another country , but then the couples we might meet would probably be many miles apart.

In this way, we have no choice but to wait if the service is available again in or even look for an alternative in other applications to find love.

The disappearance of  from the countries in which Facebook Parejas is available is striking, taking into account that most of the countries of both Europe and Latin America are found , a market very similar to ours.


Facebook couples has disappeared

So is Facebook Dating gone forever? It is difficult to know, since the social network has not made any public statement about it.

But when we use an app to meet people we must always keep in mind that this is something that can happen. For whatever reason, the company may cease to be operational , so that we lose our profile and, also on many occasions, contact with the people we have met there.

Therefore, we recommend that if you have met someone interesting in an app, you look for an alternative means to communicate with him/her. If you do not want to give out your phone number, you can, for example, create an email account solely for this purpose.

In the case of Facebook Couples you have it a little easier, since you always have the option to search on Facebook for the person you were talking to.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it is possible that this person does not want to have a relationship with you beyond Facebook Couples , so we must respect if a person with whom we were talking on that network decides to move away from us.

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