How to get special skins in Stumble Guys


In Stumble Guys you can customize your character. What is most striking is the appearance, better known as “skin”. If you want your character to wear the most exclusive aspects , we tell you how to get special skins in Stumble Guys . There are only 4 special skins, that’s why they are the most exclusive.

Skin Categories in Stumble Guys :

  • Common Skin
  • unusual appearance
  • rare appearance
  • Epic Aspect
  • Legendary skin (includes special skins)


The special Stumble Guys skins are obtained by rolling the wheel, like the others. There are several roulette wheels available . We have the free roulette from the Store, which can give us gems or tokens, but also special skins. On the other hand, depending on whether we have the Stumble Pass or the free pass, after leveling up, we will shoot roulette wheels where we can receive special skins. Although it is very difficult to get them through these routes.

Receiving a special skin in common roulettes, or whose initial level is of rare aspects, is practically impossible. The best chance to win a special skin is on the epic skin spinner in the Shop . This gives us a random aspect, but always epic level, at least. The special skins are the highest level, since they are included within the legendary skins, just the level above the epic ones.


It is vital to emphasize that this roulette works with chips and not gems. To spin, we will have to pay 35 tokens , compared to 55 gems and 90 gems for the common-looking and rare-looking wheels. Tokens are more exclusive than gems, but we can acquire them in different ways . It is possible to buy them together with the gems in the Store, but also win them for free by pulling the free wheel, leveling up with the Stumble Pass, or the free pass, and discarding repeated aspects that touch us.

Trick to get special skins in Stumble Guys

We have told you how to get special skins in Stumble Guys. It’s a matter of luck, so you can splurge on a lot of chips by spinning the epic-looking roulette wheel. So, is there a trick to get special skins in Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is updated regularly. With each update, bugs are improved. We are currently at version 0.40. In the most primitive versions it was possible to use tricks to get special skins, but every time Stumble Guys has fewer bugs. That is why we are sorry to tell you that no, there is currently no trick to get special skins in Stumble Guys .

Tricks to get special skins are advertised on social networks or blogs, but using them will waste your time. If we are unlucky, we can also lose tokens or gems in tricks that do not work . It is true that bugs are sporadically discovered in the game that allow you to get special skins, but they only last a few hours. Because of this it is impossible to know when a new one will appear and its reliability.

How to get any skin in Stumble Guys

In Stumble Guys we don’t buy skins or get them through challenges, but rather we get randomly roulette. Therefore, the answer to how to get any skin in Stumble Guys is similar to how to get special skins in Stumble Guys. Of course, surely any skin will touch us before a legendary one. For these we can throw hundreds of times at roulette until luck grants it to us.

To get all the skins, some players turn to APKs . APKs are downloadable applications from outside the Play Store or App Store. It is possible to download an altered version of Stumble Guys with all skins unlocked. These versions are found on unofficial Internet portals, but those who download them must be careful. When downloaded from unofficial pages, they can contain malware or steal your personal information from your phone. Some of the safest sites to download APKs are apkpure or uptodown .

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