Your daily kilometers can be rewarded with this application, but before installing it, take a look at the opinions about Sweatcoin: is it reliable to earn money?
Opinions about Sweatcoin: is it reliable to earn money?

Except for applications commonly used on a daily basis (WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), it is always advisable to see what users think before installing an app , that is why we compiled some opinions about Sweatcoin: is it reliable to earn money? ? This application promises to reward our daily physical effort with its step counter in exchange for its own currency, the sweatcoin , which we can then exchange for products or subscriptions to online services in its store.

Still, it’s worth it? The promise of receiving rewards for playing sports is always tempting, but it is worth seeing how other users who have chosen to install it have fared. Knowing first-hand the obstacles or failures that have been found (or the undeniable advantages) can end up deciding the balance on whether to install it on our mobile or not. 

The character of this article is merely informative. There is only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on Google Play and the App Store, so it distances itself from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations launched at the company regarding its services.

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Regarding the opinions in favor of Sweatcoin , these are some outstanding evaluations in Google Play and the App Store:

At the moment I like everything. Sometimes the double boost doesn’t work, sometimes the reward stays for a year, but they just started, and I wish the developers the best , with time this will be perfect.

A fantastic application, the free version is extremely fair and useful and allows you to enjoy the application without any problem. If you have any problem when making a purchase, it will take about 30 minutes to solve your problem so you can continue enjoying its wonderful service, without a doubt an application worth downloading.

I think it’s a very good app. The only thing that I see that can be improved is that the money you earn can be deposited in PayPal or credit or debit card, that for each Sweatcoin you earn something more and there are more offers in the store . Otherwise perfect. I have it since yesterday and I have already achieved almost 40 SWC.

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It works 100% and does not ask you for your own money to scam you


On the other hand, there are also critics of the application who do not hesitate to share their opinions against Sweatcoin in the official Android and iOS stores.

It has flaws in my opinion. It does not allow me to connect my smart watch with the app. As much as I look for a way, nothing. In addition, he counts the steps he wants, the daily bonus sometimes comes and sometimes doesn’t. I hope they can resolve those details soon so I can give it five stars.

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In general, it computes what it wants and even when you activate the double boost it has come to not register any steps. And the steps that it converts to sweatcoin , is less than what you walk or it does not convert them at all. I have reinstalled it and I have it fully updated and it doesn’t matter.

Good concept, but discourages its malfunction. It counts my steps but doesn’t convert them to sweatcoins correctly, my walking work is useless. When I installed it I liked it a lot and I was considering buying the Premium, but better not, I would just waste my money on something that doesn’t work well.

I’ve been using the app for a long time , so much so that I’ve already got 7,000 coins, but every time I get close to a jackpot like the Go Pro Hero 7, the app doubles the price. I think it does it automatically to make us believe that we can exchange something , but it is totally untrue.

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