How to see FPS when playing Roblox on mobile


If you find that your game is lagging and not going as smoothly as you’d like, a possible solution might be to learn how to view FPS when playing Roblox on mobile .

As you probably know, Roblox is a platform where you can create new worlds online and experience new stories or play games. But while it usually works quite well, there are also times when lag occurs, due to frames per second (FPS) being slower than they should be.

When we play on the computer, both on PC and Mac, seeing the FPS we are playing is quite simple. We just have to go through Roblox Studio or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F5 to find this information.

The problem is that we only have this information through Roblox Studio, and this is a complementary application that is not available for mobile phones .

Therefore, regardless of whether you have Android or iPhone, you will not be able to access direct information about the FPS you are playing at that moment from your device. If you see that the game is running too slow, it is very likely due to this, but there is no way to know for sure .


How to increase Roblox FPS

Although you cannot check if that is the problem, you can learn how to increase Roblox FPS . If you suspect that this may be your problem, you can try these steps:

  1. Enter the Settings of your smartphone
  2. Go to System>About phone
  3. Tap on your phone build number 7 times to access developer options
  4. Look for Developer Options in the Settings search engine and enter them
  5. Scroll down to Force GPU and Force 4x MSAA rendering and toggle the switch next to them to enable these features

With these two options activated, it is possible that the FPS with which you are playing Roblox will increase, so that the game will be more fluid and you will have less delays.

In any case, keep in mind that the problem causing delays may be something else, such as a poor Internet connection or a mobile phone with poor performance . In that case, it is possible that after doing this you will not notice any improvement.

Not being able to know for sure how many FPS we have, it is impossible to know exactly if this is the problem, so finding an effective solution is a bit complicated.

But this solution to increase FPS usually improves game performance in most cases, so we recommend you try it if you have problems.


What are they and what is the use of increasing FPS in a game

The FPS , as we have mentioned before, are the Frames per Second, that is, the speed at which the game runs when we are running it. In the event that it is too slow, the game will move slower than normal, we will have delays and we will not be able to enjoy it as we should.

Therefore, increasing the FPS helps us to make the game more fluid , so that we can play better without seeing that it constantly hangs.

In order to have the highest FPS, in addition to trying the trick that we have explained in the previous section, it is important that the mobile has features that allow us to play games more fluidly, for which we would have to pay attention when buying them in the processor and in the RAM of the device.

bad Internet connection can also make the game go slower than normal, since being an online platform this element is also very important.

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