If you use the following 5 tricks to succeed in Stumble Guys, you will easily earn crowns. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you must memorize these tips.

Stumble Guys is a game of skill, since your ability to avoid obstacles allows you to reach the goal. However, we present you 5 tricks to succeed in Stumble Guys that do not depend on your ability, since any player can execute them. These are always useful, so memorize them to get the most out of each game and take advantage of the game time.

These cheats respond to the logic of the game. If you are new to Stumble Guys, it is recommended that you employ the following 5 tricks to succeed in Stumble Guys . Although if you already have experience, and know other tricks or tricks , they will also be useful to you. Here are the essential 5 tricks to succeed in Stumble Guys, whether you play on Android or iPhone .



Customizing the character is essential to avoid getting lost in the crowds. At the beginning of certain scenarios, such as Pivot Push, we will huddle together with other players. If we have a custom character, we can distinguish it from all the others . It is true that the camera focuses on our character, and that if we move, it will follow us, but it is not uncommon to move forward while another player with the same skin is next to you. In this case, we might think that it is enough for us to look at the names of each player, but in the crowds they overlap, so it is very difficult to know who you are.


As we discussed in the previous section, crowds are common in Stumble Guys. Sometimes so many players get together that it is impossible to advance. The masses make us lose ourselves, that we can hardly jump or that we are caught in the chaos. However, we can also use the masses to our advantage . Some scenarios where using them is key are Floor Flip, to drive it in such a way that they counterbalance and place the balance where it favors us, or the aforementioned Pivot Push in the revolving doors, since the more players, the more force we will apply to move said doors. On the other hand, in Icy Heights, it will always be safer to be surrounded by other players to avoid cannon impacts or slip off the cliff.


This tip will sound like typical generic advice, but it’s true. If we are novices, the scenarios will catch us by surprise, but as we play, we will adapt to them. Some stages have shortcuts, like going through the curves of the slides in Super Slide, or going over the rails in Humble Stumble. Despite this, many veteran players continue to go through the defined routes and never explore the environment, so they do not know the shortcuts. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to start games only to adapt to these shortcuts . It’s about investing in exploration to get the hang of each map.


If you have been eliminated, don’t waste time, leave the game. When we are eliminated, a red button will appear in the lower left where it says “exit” . If we press it, we will return to the initial menu instantly without seeing any sequence. Unless you’re curious about how the match ends, you won’t receive any rewards for watching. The only reason it’s worth watching is if it’s being disputed by a player who discovers a new shortcut or trick for you.


This tip is the last of the 5 tricks to succeed in Stumble Guys. It is mainly applied in Honey Drop, since in this scenario the platforms dissolve after spending a few seconds on them. Sometimes you can hold out in the first level, but if you fall badly, you will go through several levels until you fall into the void and be eliminated. Therefore, it is essential that you look below. However, this tip isn’t unique to Honey Drop, it’s also applicable to Lava Rush, where lava permeates rocks and strikes you down when you land on it, or Space Race, where gravity alters your jump. Remember, always watch where you land.


You may not know how to push in Stumble Guys. If you don’t have the Stumble Pass, the game’s season pass, you can’t push other players . To access the Stumble Pass you must pay 1200 green gems, a not insignificant amount, so many players do not even consider purchasing it, although you can get it for free . This not only allows you to grab, as we will see below, but also to hit and kick the other characters.


To push another character we must unlock the push gesture, the one with the pink heart. If so, we assign it in the Customize menu. You can only carry 4 emotes at a time, but you can use any of the 4 during trials. In the middle of the race, press on the 3 points above the right stick to choose the heart and make your character raise their hands. With the least raised, that is, by holding down the gesture, approach another player to grab and push him. To punch or kick you must do the same. Knowing how to push and the 5 tricks to succeed in Stumble Guys, you will win more easily.

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