Increasing your robux balance without breaking the bank may seem like a pipe dream. Find out how to get free robux on Roblox.
How to get free robux on Roblox

Roblox has been fully established for a few years as one of the favorite platforms for children, who want to know how to get free robux on Roblox . Robux is the virtual currency of this application halfway between a social network and a video game platform, in which the number of activities and games to participate in continues to grow.

Roblox clearly states in its terms of use that robux is a currency that you have to pay real money for, although there are some ways to legally get them for free. One of the best ways to get free robux is to create your own game within the platform through Roblox Studio. To install it you will have to use the computer and log in with your username, since it is not available for mobile.

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By creating a game you can charge entry to it to earn robux, as well as establish Game Passes and Game Access that players can acquire so that you can earn rewards in the form of robux for free. Of course, it should be noted that for a game to succeed on a platform so saturated with alternatives, it has to be really attractive and have powerful promotion on social networks, which leads many to give up.

Another alternative to earn free robux is by belonging to the Roblox Video Stars Program , an affiliate program for the most powerful creators. In order to apply for inclusion in this program, the user in question will have to accumulate 10 million video views on Roblox, 25,000 average per video and have more than 100,000 followers. In order for the Roblox moderation team to consider a request, it will need to be sent to [email protected] with links to your Roblox profile and channel.

Precisely these Roblox Video Stars can sometimes share promotional codes on their social networks with which you can get free robux, although the usual thing is that the rewards are simple accessories.


Many pages promise to reveal how to get 10,000 free robux in Roblox , but a reward of this caliber is usually not free. Be wary of these types of promises, since the vast majority are usually scams that can compromise the security of your mobile or your computer. The only way to get 10,000 robux is through the Roblox store, and that costs 109.99 euros.

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Using external generators and applications to earn Robux , in addition to being dangerous, can put your continuity on the platform at risk, especially if your intention is to join the influencer program. If from the Roblox review team they detect that your robux have a questionable origin, they can deny you your video star status and even be banned.


Knowing all this, how to get free robux without doing anything in Roblox ? The platform seeks the proactivity of its users to reward them. The only way that can remotely seem to get them without doing anything is through subscriptions (and they are not free).

Within the application, buying 400 robux costs 5.49 euros, but if we do it through a monthly subscription for the same price, we will receive 450 each month. Can those extra 50 robux be considered free ? Maybe yes, but you had to pay to get the extra , so you can’t say it was 100% free.

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The ways cited above are not all the methods to earn robux on Roblox . In addition to monthly subscriptions, game design, skills and tricks, affiliate program and promotional codes, there is one more alternative, although it is not free.

In Roblox, you can also earn robux by selling or trading your own clothes and accessories in the shop, but in order to activate this option, you need a premium account.

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